The Difference Between Free and Paid Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Services

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Reverse cell phone lookup services are now becoming popular among individuals and companies to find who the owner is. This new technology is helping people and companies to have background check for known and known fixed and cell phone numbers. We cannot deny the fact that whenever we decide using new technologies and services, we first worry about the cost. It has now become kind of an unwritten law that each new service introduced is very expensive and most of us just refuse using it until the cost falls.

The same is true with new cell phone service, which allows you to search any fixed, landline or cell phone or a regular number and discover owner's details.

So how much should you pay for the service as a consumer?

Well, there are a lot of free and paid reverse cell phone lookup services available online. Some charge for one-record whereas some charge for the specified time, say one year. However, value of services is not determined in quantifiable value but rather how much is worth for you and how you are going to use it.

Most of us must have used directory services like telephone directories, yellow pages prior to the internet revolution. However, if you compare reverse cell phone lookup services with its much older sister like telephone directories you will notice that directories are not in much of use today in spite of the fact that they are much cheaper now than what it was 15 years ago. It is simply because that old directories are not meeting our requirements today.

I am sure that very few people are now using telephone directories. I do use it but very limited to Yellow pages where I am also interested to see ads. Telephone directory service is much cheaper now (merely few cents for each call), it is fast and avoids having to search from large phone book. On the other hand, online reverse cell phone lookup is also very fast, detailed, downloadable and sometimes free. So comparing these two services which one should you pay for reverse cell phone lookup?

Well, the answer is certainly depends upon your requirement. If you just need to know address, I think telephone directory is best for you. However, if you are looking for more detailed information that you may need it in future, reverse cell phone lookup is the answer. Let me also add regarding telephone directory services is that you may not get details for personal cell phone numbers as they are not listed as regular phone numbers.

It is possible that you lookup any cell phone number for free and get the information you need. However, most of them you do not get full details or those details are just obsolete. Paid reverse phone service is however much reliable due to their updated database and casting wider net to include landline and cell phone numbers including the private numbers. People do ask why reverse phone lookup service to be paid and not free. It is so because paid services collect data from various sources and do deep investigations that require time and money both. Here, the quality of services is focused than providing simple information.

As paid reverse phone lookup services are more reliable, you can use this information for various purposes like who is calling your spouse, whom your kids are talking to, tracking down useless telemarketers and report authorities for pesky calls, do background check on your employees and temporary staff, do private investigation and so on.

As I am regularly using paid reverse cell phone lookup service (I have taken annual subscription for unlimited searches), I found it very informative and cost-effective in getting information on any landline or private cell phone numbers in just few clicks. It is also very convenient as I can login on any computer having internet connection and find details instantly. This one year subscription has now come as a life saver for me and my family. The best thing about this service is that no one in your family even realizes if you are secretly tracking back on their callers.

I recommend visiting at to type any cell phone number in the search box and find details of any phone number in few clicks.

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