The Development of Smartphones

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Today’s mobile phone is an electronic device, which has advance capabilities with lots of functions and can be used like a personal computer. This is known as a smartphone. A smartphone is the complete package as it provides you with all the essentials for keeping up with a hectic life. Smartphones are made in such way that they execute advance operating systems. As of its advanced features, such as text messaging services, instant messenger or QWERTY key pads, you can write any messages in whichever style you so choose. Taking into account the impressive array of features and functions smartphones offer, they compete well against the more conventional personal computers.

In the smartphone world, there is a selection of mobile brands that launch new models every 6 months or so. The first of the smartphones to be launched came from the SIMON brand. Developed by IBM in Las Vegas, Nevada, their pioneering handset was unveiled in 1992 and went on sale to the public the following year.

The smart phone is one electronic device that not only contains personal view features, but also it can be used to help you conduct business more efficiently and conveniently. The core use of Smart Phones is for business activity, which is reflected in the amount of business-orientated features found on the device. Regarding the SIMON brand smart phone, functions included an address book, e-book reader, clock, calendar, fax services and a notepad book.

All these functions transformed a simple phone into an indispensible smart phone. Simon smartphones are considered as very advanced handsets for the nineties and hold a firm spot in mobile phone history. The technological development of this first smartphone has led to so much more advancement in telecommunications and software, which is reflected in the types of handsets now on offer to us. Style-wise, Simon mobiles didn’t have any physical buttons for software shortcuts on the device. This has gone on to be developed in the phenomenon of the touch screen, where cell phones operate by the owner just running a finger over the screen to access the features and functions, with one button acting as a ‘home’ key. PDA Phones are the latest models to be unleashed onto the market. Here you push only one key to open several mobile applications at once. As we can see over the mobile phones relatively short history, developments are ongoing and the cell phone manufacturers continue to impress consumers.

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