The derriere that moved the world

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It’s just over a week now since the Royal wedding and the happy couple are finally off on their honeymoon. Much has been said about the splendour of the occasion and how beautiful Catherine looked. Indeed, as a spectacle of how to look beautiful naturally Catherine personified it. However, aside from Catherine’s beauty there was something else that caught the world’s attention and that was her “little” sister Phillipa, or more to the point Phillipa’s bottom.
Indeed Phillipa’s bottom shone even before Catherine had arrived at the Abbey. Shortly after several million people around the world had the opportunity to gaze upon this wonder of womanhood a number of appreciation sites were set up on social networking media. It was reported in the Daily Mirror on 3rd May that “Twitter had almost crashed” with the upsurge of traffic. The silk white dress that draped her not only made her look like an ivory column but its beautiful cut hugged her graceful figure delicately and showed off her derriere to perfection.
Most women would give anything for such a bottom but whilst there are things that you can do the sad news is that for the most part it is in the genes. How to look beautiful naturally without having to do any work must be every woman’s dream. If you compare both Catherine and Phillipa to their mother you can see the similarities. To paraphrase the article referred to above ones bottom is a muscle that does fortunately respond rapidly to exercise. So there are things we can do to help ourselves to look beautiful naturally by engaging in the right form of exercise. Tennis is good for toning the muscles because of the rapid forward and backward steps taken and of course being on your feet. Another good activity is swimming providing that you use the crawl stoke not the breast- stroke. The frog like motion of the breast- stroke is not conducive to toning the buttocks.
If you don’t fancy going near a tennis court or swimming pool there are everyday exercises that you can do. Always take the stairs rather than the lift for example. Other good exercises are lunges and squats that if practiced regularly will soon have the desired effect.
So all is not lost. If you want to learn how to look beautiful naturally and gain a derriere approaching that of Phillipa a little dedication to an exercise routine should certainly help.

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