The Dark Knight

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The Dark Knight Rises, the third movie in the Batman franchise, is expected to cast a lady villain. Thereís no certainty as to whom that villain will be but there are some very educated guesses.
This may not be especially big news for any other movie, but with the rumors swirling around new movie The Dark Knight, it just feels good to know the truth about whatís going on.
For the longest time, the presumed villain was The Riddler and it was announced that Tom Hardy was playing The Riddler. It seemed like a good choice and Christopher Nolan got lots of kudos for casting Hardy. Then Nolan suddenly announced that The Riddler wasnít even in the movie! A little awkward, isnít it?
Right now nobody knows WHO Hardy is playing in this one of the yearís top action movies, some of which was filmed in Louisiana. One guess is that Hardy will be playing Killer Croc. Or maybe heíll play Harvey Bullock. Who knows?
It is known with certainty though that there WILL be a new female villain and that Bruce Wayne is getting a new love interest. Itís also certain that these are two different characters.

According to Deadline, Nolan is intending to cast two female leads Ė one to play the villain and one to play Wayneís new love interest. Itís reported that the six women that Nolan is thinking of casting are: Keira Knightly, Anne Hathaway, Blake Lively, Naomi Watts, Natalie Portman, and Rachel Weisz.
At the moment Lively, and Portman as well, are cast in other superhero movies. Lively is the love interest in The Green Hornet and Portman is the romantic lead playing opposite Thor.
And who are the three most likely lady villains? Catwoman comes in first. She seems to be the most likely, considering this movie and this story. Number two is Talia al Ghul, the daughter of Raís al Ghul, whoís played by Liam Neeson in the movie Batman Begins. Number three is Poison Ivy. This seems to be the least likely of the three villains to appear in The Dark Knight. Her super powers donít seem to fit into the Gotham City landscape.
But then again, who knows. It could be a less well known villain. Or it could be a new villain. Only time will tell! Itís hard to wait for the availability of a movie clip. Some people will undoubtedly be able to watch movie online before it ever hits the box office. And The Dark Knight may be one of the yearís top 10 movies!

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