The Dangers of Weight Loss Injections

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The Dangers of Weight Loss Injections and Healthy Alternatives

People who struggle to lose weight often revert to easier and quick methods ignoring the dangers of weight loss injections. Although such methods may deliver results fast, one should stay clear of the applications if you want to stay healthy and not regain weight in a couple of months.

Some of the dangers of weight loss injections are briefly discussed below to help you understand why a healthy weight loss eating plan that includes protein shakes will be a better option.

HCG Diet Injections for Rapid Weight Loss Hold Several Dangers

The media promotes weight loss of up to 15 kg in one month. People want results and they want them fast. Since we already live in a society where overnight solutions are preferred irrespective of the consequences, the ads work and overweight people continue to get the weight loss injections.

No Long Term Positive Results

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a pregnancy hormone that is injected. The dieter limits eating to a maximum of 500 calories daily. Apart from the horror of having to inject yourself as well as the dangers associated with such self-help medication, one also risks hormonal imbalance. The bottom line is that the weight loss injections do not deliver long term results.

Starvation Diet

The USA FDA approval stamp for HCG is specifically for the treatment of infertility and not as a weight loss drug. What people donít realize is that the weight loss injections only show results because they also have to follow a strict low calorie diet, which in itself is limited and can cause severe deficiencies. Indeed, people starve themselves while on the diet and donít realize that once they stop they will regain all the weight.

Dangers of the Diet Plan

Such a weight loss plan holds numerous dangers including that of overworking the heart and preventing the body from functioning optimally. If the body doesnít get enough nutrients and proteins it will turn on itself and feed on the muscle. The lack of proper nutrients lead to oxygen shortage to the brain and starving the brain is the last thing anyone wants to do.

What is HCG?

HCG is sold over the Internet and also comes in a diluted form as a dietary supplement, which is combined with an exceptionally low calorie diet. It is advertised as an appetite suppressing agent and some claim that the hormone will help to reduce fat around the thighs, under-arms, legs and buttocks as well as stomach areas. Notably the areas on the body are also where most people struggle to lose weight. Naturally such claims appeal to overweight people.

Not FDA Approved for Weight Loss

People overlook the dangers of weight loss injections when such claims are made. Some are even aware of all the dangers, but choose to ignore the consequences because they want quick fixes to their weight problems. The FDA has warned the public against adverts stating that the drug can work for weight loss. It has been approved for improvement of fertility in both genders and not for losing weight. As to date there is no conclusive evidence that the drug does provide long term weight loss benefits.

Any such, injections or related products must carry labels to warn the public that there is no evidence of weight loss acceleration when used. The claims of appetite suppressing and redistributing fat evenly are not supported by scientific evidence. Even with the warnings in place, doctors still prescribe the injections.

Low Calorie Intake

Diet plans range from 23 to 40 days and daily injections. Even where positive results have been experienced, people have not been able to sustain the diets for prolonged periods without damage to their health. In addition, in many cases the fat returned shortly afterwards because the people returned to normally eating and their old lifestyles.

Most of the diets which are followed in conjunction with daily weight loss injections include fish, vegetables and some organic meats. Any type of sugar or dairy is prohibited. Although most food groups are represented in the diets, the diets recommend drinking only water and eating apples for a whole day if a dieter slips up. The idea is to help the person lose a lot of water weight which will then help the dieter regain confidence.

Dangers of Weight Loss Injections Ė Pregnancy

Pregnant women, who take the HCG injections and follow the low calorie diet for weight loss, endanger their unborn babies who may not get all the nutrients required for development. In addition, there is also the risk of getting twins or triplets because of the hormone injections. Doctors have warned that the hormone can also lead to premature deliveries and birth defects.

Hyper Stimulation Syndrome

Another one of the dangers of weight loss injections is that of Hyper Stimulation Syndrome. It is a disorder that includes from abdominal swelling, breathing problems, rapid weight gain, and urination problems to vomiting, nausea, and pelvic pains. It can lead to death.

Blood Clotting and Other Side Effects

People easily ignore the dangers of weight loss injections when the ads only mention the potential weight loss. Side effects range from numbness and blood clotting to headaches, facial swelling, confusion and hives. Other reported side effects include that of pain, redness, and tingling sensations in the body.

Advertiser Claims

Many advertisers claim that the warnings of side effects, health problems, and short term results only are not based on fact. According to the advertisers, the low calorie diet plans are limited to 500 calories a day, but only in the beginning phases. According to them, the restriction on calorie intake is not dangerous because the HCG compensates for any shortages. They claim the drops help the body to use the existing fat reserves to make up for the calories not obtained through diet. A normal daily diet includes up to 2000 calories a day and will depend on the body mass index of the dieter.

Truth is that any diet that causes starvation in any manner is not good. One should get the minimum daily calorie requirements, drink enough water, rest at the appropriate times, participate in physical activity and ensure that all the nutrient needs are met. The advertisers furthermore claim that any food cravings experienced are not because of the weight loss injections and low calorie diet, but because of poor eating habits that must be changed over time.

Alternatives to Weigh Loss Injections

There are safe ways to lose weight in shorter periods than would be possible by simply changing the diet and exercising more. Such programs normally involve complete eating plans which ensure that the normal calorie intake is sustained, but without the bad fats and sugars which cause imbalances in the body.

Protein shakes, herbal drinks and protein bars form an integral part of the alternative and healthy ways to lose weight. The programs promote overall health and well-being. In addition, the metabolism is enhanced, food cravings reduced and the immune system strengthened.

It is possible to sustain the eating plans because they include five to six daily meals in smaller, healthy portions in addition to one or two completely balanced meal replacement shakes. Protein is essential to ensure proper muscle functioning and to help the body lose weight. It is also important to help curb cravings for sugars.

Rather than following dangerous practices, not approved by the FDA and other medical bodies, one should seek an alternative that can ensure better health over the long term. Fast weight loss which focuses on low calorie intake and fat burning without proper nutrition is indeed a starvation practice.

Once the period of starvation is over, the body will return to its original state unless a healthy eating plan is followed and regular exercise incorporated into the lifestyle of the dieter. Sustained starvation can lead to numerous disorders and will weaken the bodyís immune system. This in turn, will leave the dieter vulnerable to immune related illnesses.

Considering the dangers of weight loss injections, especially HCG combined with low calorie diet restrictions one must agree that seeking professional assistance before embarking on any fast weight loss solution will be better.

There are lifestyle management and health programs suitable for the whole family to sustain good health and ensure adequate weight loss without endangering the long term health of the dieter. Any program that causes starvation of the body in order to lose weight should be avoided.

Irrespective of the claims of advertisers that the dangers of weight loss injections are limited, it is better to follow a healthy, high protein, and well balanced eating plan.

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