The Creative Art of Portrait Photography

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A portrait is all about the right balance between the mood and lighting effects for that perfect picture. Portrait photography is a creative form of art and needs patience, knowledge of lighting and other technical skills to make your good photograph for good memories. Portraits have become a passion among the rich and famous who mount their portraits in ornate frames to give a distinguished look to the living rooms, bedrooms, stairways and hallways.

If you want to have you portrait done, who has a good rapport and knows how understand and capture the true personality of their subject. A professional portrait photographer should be aware of getting the right balance between all the elements and possibly provide the subject with the natural settings as the most positive character trait of a subject shows through in a comfortable setting. Portraits can be best taken using natural light especially if the photographer is not too adept with creating the perfect studio effect/artificial lighting as it needs to be evenly distributed to prevent shadows around the face.

It is also advisable to use light backgrounds to emphasize the subject as these are believed to lend more character to the subject, especially if a serious pose is required and if the subject is wearing a dark garment, which will show up best against a light backdrop. The wrong choice of a background can give off a very undesirable effect to an otherwise attractive person in a portrait photograph and thus, photographers must beware of indiscriminately using just any old background or even a cluttered one.

To successfully run-through a portrait photo-shoot, the photographer must pay close attention to all things he or she may require for the event: e.g equipment, conversation starters, light beverage or snacks, music to help the subject relax etc. and treat the occasion with a professional but friendly approach to establish a natural trust and confidence in the subject for best results.

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