The Cousins in Drill Accessories

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It is widely known that tools all have their specific job and purpose. Some tools are just to make the job a little easier and faster while there are others that are simply a necessity if the job is to be done right. Very few tools look alike and, even less, function in a similar manner. However, there are two accessories for a drill that accomplish the same task, but have different purposes. These two are the metal hole saw and the annular cutter.

Both of these tools have a similar design. Both are cylindrical in shape and cut only with the outer edge of the cutter. This saves a lot of time and wear on the machine operating the tool. By cutting just the outer edge, there is also a reduced amount of debris and dust that will be caused by the drilling process; as well as both being cylindrical in shape, both have the capabilities of drilling extra large holes. Whereas a normal twist drill bit is limited in its diameter, the metal hole saw and the annular cutter have a much wider range of possibilities with their use.

So, how are these two so different? If designed almost the same, when should you use a metal hole saw and when should you use a annular cutter? After all, many people do not have the money to be able to afford all the tools out there so we must be selective and understand which tool is best for each specific job.

The metal hole saw is generally used by a carpenter and used for materials such as wood and metal. There is no greater tool to cut out a door knob or make a space for a large pipe running from one part of the construction to the other than the metal hole saw. With a center pilot bit, this tool can drill a hole with pinpoint accuracy. It can also range in diameter from of an inch to up to 6 inches! Also, there are adjustable hole saws that can use the same pilot bit, but with a simple timeless change, they can change to any diameter desired. If your jobs involve wood or light metal, then maybe you should consider the metal hole saw.

On the other hand, there is an annular cutter. Not as much found on the job site of the carpenter, this tool finds its nobility in the machine shop. When there is a need for a hole to be drilled into a pipe or other metal applications, there is no greater tool to select than the annular cutter. With precision ground flutes on the side, the ejection of bits of metal is amazingly easy. Also, the annular cutter is designed with a center that is angled just the slightest bit. This allows for the center slug to exit smoothly after the drilling process is complete.

So, although these two have many similarities, they each have a specific job that they are designed to do. It is believed that if someone will use a tool in its proper way, any job can be accomplished with ease.

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