The core of photography as a technique is lights

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Without an understanding of photography lights, it is impossible to get the best out of a click. You just have to understand some basics and put them into application.

There are two major types of photography lights. One is natural photography lighting and the other one is artificial photography lighting which you would have seen in all the studios. As a photographer, you will not decide which kind of lighting suits you but you will have to understand the difference and nature of both the types of photography lights.

The direction of the lights gives you the right direction

Light always has a direction and for the photograph to come as per your imagination and need, you will have to understand what difference would the direction of photography lighting cause on your results. This is crucial because you can make a world of difference on the photographs by changing the photography lighting directions. There are four major classifications for photography lights in terms of directions. Overhead, front, back and side the photography lights could fall on your subject from these directions. While you can still make some alterations in the exact angles of the photography lights, you can use these directions for both natural and artificial lights.

Do not miss the intensity of the lights

Photography is an art where you use the properties of photography lights to make your photographs better, the way you used direction in the above discussion, you can create world of difference in the snaps by using the intensity of the lights judiciously. A harsh photography light will give you a complete different effect against the soft light. Soft lights are used to make the subject innocent and does not cause strain to your eyes. Any photograph would be best clicked under a certain kind of photography light specification. Once you have cracked the code, you will be able to click better photographs.

You may have an individual style in photography, and if not, you can create one by selecting a characteristic lighting. But you should allow your photography skills to develop a style and photography lights are an important tool through which you can create one for yourself. It is a process of discovery; and exploration of the subjects and understands what the Photography lights have to offer.

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