The Climate Of Murree

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The Climate Of Murree
Murree is a hill station situated in northern Pakistan. It is renowned for its excellent weather.
The climate of Murree is more or less an England type of climate with no extremes of temperature, mild summers, cool winters and an abundance of rainfall. The following is a brief sketch of its temperature and precipitation.
Murree has a beautiful climate throughout the year. In the hottest month of June the midday thermometer rarely rises above 77F ( 25 C) . This is a very welcoming respite to the visitor which comes from the plains of the country which normally record temperatures in excess of 104 F ( 40 C )during summer. That is the reason that this place has been the favorite hill resort of the British during colonial era. Winter is cool and snow frequent but Murree is still very mild as compared to the places farther north. The minimum temperature as a rule does not fall below 27 F ( -3 C) while at Skardu which is at the same elevation but located in the northern areas records temperatures up to OF ( -18 C) . Thus the winter of Murree is very mild for its altitude of more than 7000 feet.

Murree due to its unique location gets ample rain and snow both from the winter as well as summer rain bearing systems. The rain is moderate and is spread uniformly in all the months thus resulting in thick forests. Except November and May no month records below 3 inches and total annual rainfall is 64 inches. March is the rainiest month of the winter season while August is the rainiest summer month. Murree is one of the wettest places of Pakistan being located on the windward slope of outer Himalayas on which monsoon strikes with full fury in summer.
Thus Murree is a place worth visiting with excellent climate , pure air and hills covered with pine trees.

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