The Chaser Returns on DISH HD Channel

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The federal election has inspired many comedy shows to come back with bang. After the announcement of " The Gruen Transfer's election special, the controversial team of " The Chaser War on Everything" is all set to repeat the same gimmick.

The new show has been scheduled to be aired on ABC before the timeslot of "Lateline". This show will be aired for five weekly specials leading up to election, which is most likely to take place in August. This show is going to be amazing as Abbot and Gillard team up with their boys in dissecting the Australian political scenario.

The title of the show is "Yes we Canberra", which has been inspired from Obama's political campaign. The show hints at the cynical stance and will take in the response to PR driven campaigns, emotive political speeches and baby-holding moments.

Chris Taylor quoted that, he wanted to name the show as Ratf**ked 2010 but apparently that is what the main coverage of ABC is going to be like. The last foray of Chaser's team into the election commentary was during the federal elections. This was showcased through "The Chaser Decides 2007" and was set in national tally room. This was one of the most successful TV shows that encouraged ABC to give another shot at political satire.

Now let's talk about this most awaited DISH HD program "Yes We Canberra". This DISH Network show is coming up on ABC with all-new format in which the whole gang is in their new occupation as warm up guys for the network's flagship show Lateline. According to the executive producer of Lateline, Julian Morrow, the show has been filmed in front of live studio audience and the problem is that they are terribly quiet. So DISH HD channel ABC has hired them to rev up the show. They hope to help Tony and Leigh receive a wild round of applause, whoops and hollers.

Lateline presenter, Leigh Sales said that, just because the Chasers are doing the warm up does not mean that they can speak for the show. According to him, adding the team in the show will add some gravitas which was lacking in their show before.

Apart from the first title "The Chaser Returns", the team had thought of yet another title for the show which was "Andrew, Chris, Chas, Craig & Jules Election Fever". However, they landed up in legal problems with that.

Craig Reucassel commented about the Lateline warm-up gig saying that they were just relieved to have some paid work adding that Mark Scott, the Managing Director of Australian Broadcasting Corporation is a compassionate person. He even employed Poh when she lost in MasterChef.

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