The Changes In Call Center Industry Of The Philippines

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The call center industry is one of the biggest industry in the Philippines today. It is also known as the Sunshine Industry of the Philippines because of its rapid growth in only less than a decade.

However, other than its recognition as one of the biggest and fast growing industry in the Philippines, the call center industry is also known as one of the few solutions that government had for unemployment.

Because of the industry's demand for man power, particularly by many outsourced call centers from other countries, many Filipinos were given the chance to work immediately while allowing them to enjoy one of the most competitive salaries in the Philippines.

But before an applicant can get through, they must first face some of the most tedious application process. They must also possess the requirements that these companies require to even get an interview. This is because, other than just customer relation services, many of these companies are also known for their Business Answering Service.

Application processes and requirements
According to many Filipinos, the requirements of many call center agencies in the Philippines today have changed significantly because of recent events, such as global recession as well as the many government strife which resulted in many of these companies to close, particularly the many outsourced companies from the US.

Because of this, a number of changes has been made to only hire those of higher competence as well as skills. According to many Filipinos, call center agencies today require their applicants to be at least college graduates, extremely fluent in English, as well as above average knowledge and skills in IT.

As for their application or recruitment processes, though little has changed since its first introduction in the market, it still required applicants who are challenged to show their true competence in the competition. And because most of these companies offer Business Answering Service, part of their recruitment process may involve, but not limited to:

Phone screening: This usually involves testing the voice quality of the applicant. This is the reason why most call center agencies would hire females because of their softer voice compared to male.
Initial interview: If the applicant pass the first test, he/she would then be interviewed either by the company's HR department or by outsourced human resources. The main purpose of the interview is to test the speaking skills, attitude and how confident the applicant responds to questions.
Examination: This is to test the applicant's aptitude and EQ (Emotional Quotient).
Final Interview: This is an important phase, particularly for those companies with Business Answering Service. This step is to assess customer service, technical, or sales skills of the applicant. For more information visit to our site

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