The Cabbage Soup Recipes For The Diet -- More Than Just Diets Too

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All cabbage soup recipes can be tasty, not boring. Cabbages are packed with nutrition and they're cheap too. In some parts of the world cabbage is a staple of many people's diet. Cabbage is one of those foods that's associated with weight loss too. In fact, cabbage soup is a main part of a diet that's been popular for years. The diet works for several reasons and that may be the reason it has been around for years as other fad diets come and go. Is it a magic soup recipe?

Actually the recipe itself can be any number of different recipes. It's mostly a matter of blending and using what you have. However it is certainly easier to have a recipe to start for customizing. Oddly enough the cabbage soup diet is called a number of different names including the heart diet and the military cabbage soup diet as well as several others. The names all refer to the diet which works in the same way in spite of variations in the basic recipe itself.

Cabbage soup forms a staple and basic part of the diet of many regions. That's partly because cabbages grow so well in many colder climates and are also easy to get and cheap too. Cabbage can be used in so many ways and soup is only one of the ways. In soup one of the reasons for cabbage is that it's a great filler that still is high in nutrition. With soup the cabbage can be combined with so many other foods to turn the dish into a variety of textures, looks and tastes too. It's a versatile ingredient, cabbage, and one used in many cultures on a regular basis especially in the cool months of the year.

Sort Of An Original Cabbage Soup Recipe

1 head cabbage
6 carrots
5 stalks celery
2 bell peppers
3 large tomatoes
6 spring onions
6 medium onions

4 oz uncooked brown rice
salt and freshly-ground black pepper

Slice the vegetables into small pieces. Place in a large pot and add cold water to cover. Bring the water to a boil. Lower the heat and simmer uncovered for ten minutes.

Cover and then simmer on low heat until the ingredients are soft. This should take about 15 minutes or so.

While the soup is simmering, cook the rice. Add rice to the soup when the soup is cooked. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

The cabbage soup diet plan continues to be used partly because it gives you plenty of different things to eat and it's not some starvation plan. It's easy to stay full. However, the real reason the plan works is the foods you eat are sure to be such that you eat a low amount of calories and fats too. By severely limiting calorie intake, it's certain that you will drop weight at the end of the week. This is certainly not any sort of long-term eating plan. It's deficient in several ways. However it may have a place as part of a long-range weight loss and fitness program. That's because real sustainable weight loss is so slow that it's hard to stay motivates when the results are so difficult to see. Mixing in some fast results may help with the motivation department more than anything else.

Another plus is the plan and all the recipes are free. There's nothing special to buy. It's cheap.

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