The Burka controversy

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UK's immigration Minister Damian Green has ruled out a ban on the burka in public places on the contention that it would be "rather un British" to do so. I would like to add here that Britain not banning the burka is a typical "more loyal than the king" British reaction which we have been displaying in all matters pertaining to immigrants. While the rest of he EU including France known for its liberal views, extreme tolerance and a better track record in assimilating immigrants into its culture than us have banned the burka, we seem to be more concerned about what immigrants and the countries that they come from will perceive about us than what is good for our country. France has banned the Burka on an overwhelming vote, does that mean their liberal credentials are under question.

While it is true from a general standpoint that in a free society the State has no business to dictate what people wear or do not wear, the Burka falls under a different category. It is not a kind of dress in the first place but a cloth veil that covers up the wearer's identity totally. It provides ample scope for the wearer to hide a lethal weapon, contraband or drugs under its cover. This spells ominous security threats that cannot be ignored, it is after all a well known fact that one of the terrorists involved in the London blasts escaped under the cover of his burka.If it is religious tolerance that is preventing the UK government from banning the burka then it should be understood that the burka is not enshrined in the Koran. Muslim scholars including the Chairman of the Muslim Education Centre in Oxford has declared that the Burka is not ordained in the Koran but was introduced by an arrogant and male dominated society which wanted to keep its women suppressed and enslaved. So who is the enlightened British government trying to please, the fanatic fringe in the Muslim society or the more progressive elements within the community who are coming out openly against the burka. Banning of the Burka by Syria is an example of this enlightenment within the Muslim society. If the government argues that not banning the burka is in keeping with the sentiment of majority of Muslims then it should have banned Salman Rushdie's book 'Satanic Verses' which offended the sentiments of a majority of Muslims and also handed him over to Saudi Arabia in keeping with their sentiments??

Muslim immigrants should bear in mind that they should respect the laws of the land that they have emigrated to as much as their countries would expect foreigners settling there to abide by their laws. There cannot be a more tolerant, fair and accommodating society and government than the British and trying to be stubborn in just about everything does not augur well for them or the country they have chosen to settle down.

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