The Broadband Revolution and its entry into businesses and households

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The Internet has made communication quicker and more efficient while making the world function like a close knit family. With the availability and cost effective factor of broadband, people can now operate business at a global level and that too operate 24x7x365 days of the year. Through this feature, the need for travel has greatly reduced and people can get information as well goods delivered in practically no time. With the development of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and secured data transfer, the functioning of economies has practically shifted online.

By offering various alternative channels to stay in touch through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, people feel comfortable of staying in touch with family and friends alike. With photo uploading sites such Picasa, Flicker and many other sites, the need for printing photos has practically reduced, you can show them instantly to your friends and relatives by simply uploading them.

It is this availability of affordable broadband that has entered offices of governments, big business houses but also of the common people which has brought about a sea of change in the lives of one and all.

People are now able to access more exchange of ideas and information and even conduct business at their personal levels without setting up an office and operating solely through a broadband connection. With the quick and rapid acceptance of Internet and Broadband technology, the broadband service providers are offering related services through a single bundle ranging from phone, TV, mobile broadband and so on. Broadband can be availed through Home broadband offers, Home office Broadband offers, Business Broadband offers and also large business broadband offers to suit the specific requirements of varying customers.

Depending upon the browsing habit and experience, broadband users can now choose from broadband packages which offer them extra fast broadband at nominal prices. With the arrival of varied broadband technology, the reliance on phone line for transferring packets of information has greatly reduced which implies faster broadband. People can now avail Internet through fibre optic network or through a wi-fi dongle as well. The need for long wires, modems and routers has reduced to a great extent.

With increasing dependence on the Internet, people have been hoping for faster speeds which can be availed to better broadband. It is for this very reason that enormous amount of funds and efforts are being undertaken to provide the same. It would come as no surprise that most Broadband Providers are offering speeds in the range from 8 Mbps to 24 Mbps which are greatly reduced in reality. Meanwhile tests are underway to provide broadband at speeds up to 50 - 100Mb/s which could be a dream come true for most users for it will make them enjoy watching HD TV, 3D TV, play online gaming and even enjoy broadcast quality video services.

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