The Branches of Magic

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Dear magic tricks lovers.
Today I would like to talk about branches of Magic. I hope this may help beginner magician to choose right direction.

Let us divide magic into its various branches from a general standpoint. We find the following fields:
1-Sleight-of-hand, or Manipulative, magic, involving the smaller articles such as coins, cards,
billiard balls, etc.
2-Mechanical magic, dependent greatly on specially constructed apparatus.
3-Illusions, dealing with the appearance of large objects.
4-Dramatic, which consists of magic woven into a carefully woven dramatic play or action.
5-Pantomine magic.
6-Monologue or Patter magic, in which magic is incidental to a monologue or special patter.
7-Comedy magic.
8-Costume magic, of the quick change variety.
9-Electrical magic.
10-Chemical magic.
11-Scientific magic.
12-Religious magic.
13-Flash magic, which consists of a flash of color and action and is of the spectacular.
14-Spectacular magic of a sensational type.

16-Educational magic.
17-Mental magic, such as mind reading.
18-Spiritualistic magic.
19-Black Art.
20-Speciality magic, dealing with some special articles such as clocks, as performed by Gus
21-National magic, being based on a special country or location, which includes Hindu, Chinese,
Japanese, Spanish, French magic, etc.
22-Animal magic.
23-Burlesque magic.
24-Sales magic.
25-Pocket and impromptu magic.
26-Publicity magic.

We could add to the list and then subdivide and combine into many combinations. Just think of the many fields that offer success to the magician. You have plenty of room to work. You as a beginner have just as much opportunity for success as an old-timer in the business. The big idea is, are you willing to keep your eyes open and apply yourself in a common sense manner?

Taking up the departments of magic from another angle, we find the following fields for selling one's services:
1-Club Entertaining.

2-Society Entertainments.
3-Children's parties.
4-Schools, colleges and organizations.
5-Lyceum and Chautauqua.
6-The Concert Field.
7-Hotel Entertaining.
8-Carnivals and Side Shows.
9-Tent Shows.
10-Motion Pictures Houses.
13-Specialties for Revues.
14-The educational and religious field from an instructive standpoint in which magic is used to
illustrate dominant subjects.
15-The selling field, and the promotional field.
16-Summer and Winter resorts.
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