The Blackberry 9780 Bold Is Loaded With Impressive Features

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The Blackberry 9780 Bold is a welcome update from the Blackberry 9700. But where does this update show? Not outside it seems – other than a dark rim around the edge, the 9780 Bold looks surprisingly like his predecessor. The change must lie beneath the cover you might think, and you would be right.

It’s dimensions of 109x 60x 14 mm and its weight of 122 grams make it an ideal traveling companion. On the other hand, Blackberry handsets have always been more on the business side rather than for personal entertainment. Hence the full QWERTY keyboard, making it extra-easy to write e-mails or messages. Also, you can synchronise up to 10 e-mail accounts at the same time, so sifting out your private and company correspondence is a piece of cake. Also, there is a Social Feeds feature, which brings Facebook, Twitter and IM accounts (like AIM, Blackberry Messenger and Gtalk) together to be handled unified or separated by accounts. And this brings us to the greatest improvement of 9780 over 9700: The software upgrade to Blackberry OS 6. It seems that RIM is building on it’s stable customer base when releasing this phone; if you have used a Blackberry Bold before, you will instantly feel at home with the Blackberry 9780 Bold. It has five screens to organise your applications: All, Favourites, Media, Downloads and Frequent. Between the screens you can navigate using the touch-sensivtive pad under the screen. The Favourites screen is customisable too, and applications on other screens can be moved around or organised into folders. This needs a little customisation initially, but in a short while, you will be navigating through the screens or browse the internet easily. The optical trackpad and in general the way the 9780 is put together gives the user a feeling of solid robustness and reliability one needs when it comes to a business phone.

The screen is not of the largest resolution on the market (the size is 3.2 inches, and it is of 320x480 pixel resolution), but it offers high enough quality for any daily tasks and internet browsing (the browser has been improved as well, making it more comfortable to use with the new ’tabbed browsing’ feature). A 5megpixel camera with flash and video capture is also pat of the package and adds extra appeal to the phone.

After speaking about what was improved in the device, let’s mention what stayed the same: the CPU is still the unchanged 624 MHz one, which seems slow if we see the mere figures, but when it comes to using the device, it seems that design matters more: the Bold doesn’t feel slow, be it browsing or just using various applications or swapping between them, for that matter.

The Blackberry 9780 Bold is appealing to those who have been Blackberry users before, as the functions and features will be familiar from previous models. They have also implemented changes that were necessary and made the experience better, and they focused on the traditional strength of Blackberry handsets with this product; messaging and e-mails, and business users. If you are after these functions, then the Blackberry 9780 is for you.

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