The biography of Peter Orszag

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Peter Orszag is a perfect example of America’s top politicians, economists and academics who have provided extraordinary benefits to US governmental administrations, as well as a number of bills. Orszag has a number of qualifications from various universities, and after working in the White House for several administrations also has a great deal of experience with both economics, communication and politics. He has attended both the Princeton University and London School of Economics, achieving a summa cum laude in Economics, a MSc and a PhD. Furthermore, Orszag was a Marshall Scholar and has co-authored and co-edited a range of books and publications.

In January 2007, Orszag was appointed as the 7th Director of the Congressional budget office, serving a four-year term. Prior to this, however, he was heavily involved with the Brookings Institution, primarily acting as a representative and an involved part of The Hamilton Project. Here, Orszag also acted as the Director of the Retirement Security Project, and Co-director of the Tax Policy Centre. This was a joint venture with the Urban Institute.

Orszag has previous experience with government and the White House, however, acting as a Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, as well as the Senior Economic Adviser at the National Economic Council during 1997 and 1998. Even prior to this, Orszag was heavily involved with government and policy, acting as a staff economist, a Senior Adviser and a Senior Economist under the President’s Council of Economic Advisers.

In his professional career, Orszag has had a number of important roles that include advising those in the President’s Cabinet. Under his role during the Obama administration, he performed an incredible job in which he simplified complicated economic strategy and economic situations currently occurring in the United States so that politicians not trained in complex economic theory could understand, and hence make informed decisions that affected the whole future of the country.

During his work at the Hamilton Project, Orszag was also involved with the sustainment and strengthening of the American economy through the promotion of economic growth and the building of a framework that will help secure of the future of growth in the American economy. It seems that throughout the whole professional life, Orszag has done nothing but help promote the interests of the American economy. With such an incredibly educational and academic background, too, it’s no wonder that he’s admired and praised by Democrats and Republicans alike.

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