The Big Bang Theory - The Desperation Emanation TV Episode Review

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Leonard (Johnny Galecki) has been feeling extremely lonely and during a meeting with his pals at the local comic book store he realizes that he is the only one of the four friends without a woman. Leonard becomes sad and a bit frustrated when he comes to the realization that the desperate Howard (Simon Helberg) even has a girlfriend. The most interesting relationship is between Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik) because they are perfectly happy with their non-relationship. This situation quickly changes as Amy asks Sheldon if he would be willing to meet her mother.

Unsure of the relationship ramifications of such a meeting Sheldon rushes down the stairs to ask his roommate Leonard what this all means. Leonard is more than happy to offer the suggestion that Amy clearly wants more out of their relationship. This sends Sheldon into a panic as he tries to avoid all contact with Amy, even going as far as dressing up in a disguise to exit his apartment building.

After Leonard realizes that he could really use some companionship he requests Howard's assistance setting him up on a blind date with Howard and his girlfriend Bernadette (Melissa Rauch). After Howard and Bernadette work out the details the three arrive at a nice restaurant waiting for Leonard's date to arrive. What walks through the door seems to surprise everyone as Leonard's date arrives straight from the gym in her workout clothes. As we get to know her better we realize that she is completely inappropriate and shares nothing in common with Leonard. When the two ladies escape to the bathroom Leonard tells Howard that this relationship could never work. His tune changes a bit when Leonard's date returns and asks Leonard if he would like to attend a wedding the following week with the potential that he will get some action. After a brief pause Leonard realizes that one more date might not be so bad if he could get a little companionship.

Meanwhile Amy Farrah Fowler confronts Sheldon and clarifies that his meeting her mother is just a ruse and not an advancement in their relationship. Relieved, Sheldon returns to his happy place and agrees to participate in the ruse. Amy and Sheldon set up a video chat with Amy's mom which is quite funny as they talk about how they are going to have intercourse after they are done chatting.

The Desperation Emanation is episode number five in season number four of The Big Bang Theory. Penny (Kaley Cuoco) did not appear in this episode as she was recently injured in a horse riding accident. This is definitely an episode worth seeing as there are many great situational comedy moments.

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