The Big Bang Theory – a sitcom with a scientific twist

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American sitcoms tend to be based around a set of characters living life in a somewhat “mainstream” domain. The people portrayed in them are usually easily empathised with by the mass population, because they live lives which most of us would view as normal.

Take Friends for example. Here, you have six characters, with the exception of one, all working in pretty standard, mainstream jobs – a chef, a business executive, a coffee shop waitress, actor, and masseuse. OK, Ross’ occupation as a palaeontologist is slightly more off the wall than that of the others’, but as he accounts for only a sixth of the main cast, it’s clear that the occupations of the cast are predominantly fairly normal.

Imagine a sitcom in which the cast is dominated by wacky scientists, geeks, each of them as peculiar as the next– queue The Big Bang Theory . Jobs as scientists are the norm, added to which are lifestyles and personalities that are at complete dysfunction with mainstream society. Here, you have a perfect recipe for some rather funny, gawky, comedy moments.

Premiered on 24 September 2007, this Warner Bros show is mainly based around Sheldon and Leonard, two physicists – super intelligent and geniuses in their field. They are roommates and best buddies, as well as colleagues. Frequently visiting them at their apartment are their equally nerdy friends and workmates, Wolowitz and Rajesh.

Then, completing the dynamic and providing the perfect juxtaposition to this weird and wacky world the four scientists live in, is Penny, a pretty blonde girl who moves into the apartment next door.

The four scientists have dedicated so much time to their work and led a fairly insular life up until now and it’s only when they meet Penny that they realise how little they know about society and life in the real world. Especially Leonard, who becomes attracted to Penny the moment he sees her, but there are jaw-dropping, cringe-worthy moments from all of them.

What ensues as a result of the low self-esteem, lack of humility and misplaced enthusiasm over girls that they all have between them, is a voyage through “normal” life as the four scientists explore their new world. An abundance of mishaps in romantic encounters and clashes with society will have audiences creasing over with laughter.

The Big Bang Theory is a show with a different dynamic and really brings a fresh outlook to American sitcoms .

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