The Best Way To Remove Hair

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Those of us with dark, coarse hair have always had the worst trouble getting rid of it until laser hair removal came along. This non-invasive procedure allows patients to rid themselves of hair by using a laser beam to target each individual hair follicle, removing the hair and preventing each follicle from producing anymore hairs. Laser hair removal pricing tends to be quite reasonable, though at least three treatments are needed to prevent the majority of hairs from growing back. Some people require more treatments than others; some must undergo four to six treatments over a period of several months. While this process cannot guarantee that hair treated will never grow back, it works well for many people.

The best candidates for laser treatments have light skin and dark hair but modern treatments can be used on any type of skin and hair combination. Those with more melanin or a darker color to their skin may experience a temporary lightening of the skin right after a treatment. This occurs because the laser actually targets melanin. Some people even experience a permanent lightening of the skin.

The laser does not know the difference between the melanin of the hair and that of the skin, which is why the procedure works best for people with light skin. The laser damages both the melanin of the hair and that of the skin at the same time. The place where the procedure is more successful; is along the bikini line; other good places to receive the treatment include the armpits, upper lip, chin and legs.

Laser removal is performed often and is safe for many people, but there have been questionable instances when the procedure has put people at risk. Some people experience permanent scarring due to the hair removal technique, which is why it is important to have an experienced technician perform the procedure. There are also some minor side effects experienced by many: scabbing, peeling, crusting and hair re-growth are all possibilities. These minor side effects are usually of the temporary sort, they tend to disappear in a matter of days.

When one undergoes a laser procedure, the area to be treated must be shaved beforehand. To begin, a small device is held by the technician against the skin, in the place where the hair is to be removed. The device pulses light beams onto the skin, and the heat of the beams damages the hair follicles. People who have had the procedure say that the device can cause a stinging or tingling sensation when the laser is applied. Sometimes a laser is fitted beforehand with a tip that works to cool the skin, or a cooling gel can be applied to the skin before beginning treatment. The length of the treatment depends upon size of the area being treated. Because of the possible damage these treatments can have upon the skin, it is important to get a few professional opinions before going under the laser. Luckily, free consultations are typically provided before treatments are given. A good facility will not only give you an in-depth consultation, they will be completely honest with you about the possibilities of treatment.


Stewart Wrighter recently spent time researching laser hair removal. He is writing an article on laser hair removal pricing.

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