The Best Way To Hide Your Tattoo

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Tattoos are pretty common, yet they still hold a certain stigma, depending on they design and location of your tattoo. There are those people who regret a particular tattoo, especially if their career takes them into a more conservative peer group.

I was once at a wedding and was surprised when the bridesmaid removed her shawl at the end of the evening to reveal a giant eagle tattoo across the back of her shoulders. The low backed dress couldn't hide it, so the shawl was customized to cover up her tattoo, at the bride's request. I'm sure anyone with an obvious tattoo can come up with a similar story of suddenly needing to hide their body artwork.

For many years, traditional cosmetics were put to work in an attempt to hide a tattoo. Unfortunately, liquid or powdered make-up doesn't have a lot of staying power. It's not designed to come in contact with clothing, and will rub off, often staining the clothing. Furthermore, it doesn't last terribly long, especially in warm weather or if you are engaging in physical activity.

Many tattoos are too dark to be covered with a shade that matches a person's natural skin tone anyway, resulting in an obvious attempt to hide a tattoo. Aside from full body armour, you may think you have no viable options for hiding your skin etchings.

Hollywood has been hiding body art on film stars for generations. What works for them can work for you too.

Airbrushing is used by movie makers, photo editors and others cover everything from tattoos, blemishes, bruises or birthmarks. While it is considered a cosmetic make-up, the compound and application of airbrushing is well beyond any regular foundation. It's a spray on make up that offers complete and flawless coverage, while still appearing natural.

Airbrushed make-up is not applied like traditional liquid or powder foundations, so it does take a little practice to apply it correctly. However, for those wishing to keep their tattoos out of the spotlight, airbrushing is a solution that actually works.

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