The Best Way to get Rid of Stretch Marks

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One type of scar that is almost always unavoidable is the formation of stretch marks on one's body. This is more evident in women as they are exposed to more circumstances wherein these marks may form. Since these marks are really ugly to look at and a lot of people want to get rid of them, there have been many methods and procedures developed towards eliminating these scars from the skin.

One period in life wherein we are prone to developing these marks is during adolescence. During this time, the body grows really fast that the skin may not be able to cope with the rapid increase in mass. This causes the skin to be stretched too far that it can form tears in the dermal layer. When the skin eventually heals, deposition of collagen makes this scar look ugly together with the decreased thickness of the skin.

Another stage in life wherein women are prone to developing these marks is during pregnancy. This is very obvious as a woman's body will definitely increase in size very fast during the 9 months of pregnancy. Similar to puberty, when the skin is stretched to fast, it can cause small tears to form which will later form very ugly scars upon healing.

The best way to get rid of marks and scars on the skin is by physically removing them as they are just deposits of collagen. Microdermabrasion is a method that employs this technique as it removes the outermost layer of the skin as well as any blemishes that is on this layer. A disadvantage of this method is that it leaves the skin raw due to the lost epidermal layer.

Laser surgery works similarly to microdermabrasion but instead of taking out a whole layer of skin, it focuses on the scar itself, leaving the rest of your normal skin cells intact. It accomplishes this as the laser can be targeted on the scar that needs to be removed and by burning it away until no traces of the scar is left.

Since laser surgery focuses on removing the scar tissue only, it is a lot safer and less painful as it will not get rid of the other cells of your skin. It will also be a lot more convenient as you won't have to deal with your skin being sensitive for a few weeks.

The quickness of how this method works is also a great advantage. One session of laser surgery can greatly reduce the appearance of one scar. Multiple sessions can totally eliminate a scar and give you that flawless skin that you have always wanted.

With all of these great advantages, it is very clear as to why laser surgery is the best option when it comes to getting rid of scars, stretch marks and other blemishes that form on your skin. But be sure that you are ready to spend a lot of money as this procedure will definitely cost a lot due to its great benefits.

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