The Best Skin Creme For Men Must Address Your Needs

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The best skin creme for men is the one that is made up of the all natural ingredients that are necessary in order to treat the problems that are specific to men. Very few of the creams and lotions that you find will have these compounds in them however, because there is a tendency in the cosmetics industry to use the lowest quality ingredients possible in order to keep costs down.

This penny pinching mentality is what has made the biggest names in the industry financially successful, but it doesn't do a thing to help you solve your skin care problems. The formulas that these corporations develop are full of useless materials, and even those that could possibly do more damage to your skin than has already been done. Let's look at what these companies are offering.

For one thing, the best skin creme for men will not contain the petroleum based moisturizing agents that are so popular with these companies. Men typically suffer from skin that is dry, itchy, and inflamed, due mostly to their daily shaving routine. The use of formulas that contain petroleum based compounds will only make this problem worse in the long run.

This is because these agents will cause a slowdown in the production of the natural oil that your skin produces. Mineral oil, paraffin wax, and petrolatum are all incapable of penetrating your skin, and will remain in the outer layers of flesh. This surface moisture signals to the oil production glands in your skin that no more moisture is necessary, so production shuts down.

Since these petroleum agents do not moisturize deep down where your skin needs it most, your skin will eventually become drier than it currently is. These components also clog your pores and attract dirt and grime to your skin, and they are just best avoided if you want your skin to get better. The best skin creme for men has plant based ingredients that will give your skin what it needs.

What it is that will heal your skin is ingredients such as Capuacu butter. This compound has been used for thousands of years by South American tribes to protect against the sun, and heal burns. Capuacu butter is a superior moisturizer and emollient rich in essential fatty acids, which helps to soothe inflamed skin. There is another natural compound that will work especially well for you also.

The best skin creme for men will also feature Babassu wax, which softens and soothes your skin and creates an invisible barrier from which moisture cannot escape. This oil is beneficial for both dry and oily complexions, and has been proven to be effective in the treatment of itchy, dry, inflamed skin, and also in alleviating eczema.

The best skin creme for men is geared towards the problems that affect you, and these two all natural components are perfect for addressing the issues that you have. If you want your skin to feel soft and baby smooth, then formulas that use Babassu and Capuacu may be exactly what you are looking for.

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