The best selling video games in the history

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The 10 best-selling video games in history are:

1. Wii Play (Nintendo Wii / 27.38 million)

2. Nintendogs (Nintendo DS / 23.26 million)

3. Wii Fit (Nintendo Wii / 22.61 million)

4. Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo Wii / 22.55 million)

5. New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo DS / 22.49 million)

6. Pokémon Red and Blue (Nintendo Game Boy / 20.68 million)

7. Wii Sports Resort (Nintendo Wii / 19.16 million)

8. Brain Age (Nintendo DS / 18.72 million)

9. Super Mario Bros. 3 (Nintendo NES / 18 million)

10. Mario Kart DS (Nintendo DS / 17.90 million)

All titles belong to consoles made by Nintendo. The first game of another Console shown on the bestseller list is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PlayStation 2 that comes in at 12. The following is Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec in post 14. Xbox 360 titles have not sold as much as one assumes, the number one console that is Halo 3, which had an advertising campaign that reminds me of summer blockbusters, but "only" sold 8.1 million copies.

No video games for PC (or Mac) ranks among the top 10 because none have sold as much as their counterparts in consoles. The best selling for these platforms is The Sims with 16 million units which would put at No. 13.


* No matter the processor speed, memory card video console generation, virtually no matter the technology. Wii, Nintendo DS, Game Boy, or the original NES won by the extreme simplicity, ease of use and "commercial relationship" transmitted to their consoles.

* With more than 65 million consoles sold by Nintendo Wii and Wii Play being the best selling title in history, the company's total WIN move away from traditional gaming controls is far greater than imagined.

* That said, if Microsoft really manages to convey the benefits of using Kinect could see the next leader of the gaming world. The problem, indeed it is the price. the combination of peripherals and console elevea twice the cost of a Wii.

* The Nintendo 3DS can (and probably) a GameChanger in the video game industry, in the same way the Wii and DS have been.

* Considering the huge sales of mobile platforms video gamesSurprising that Microsoft has not made an effort extremely superior in WIndows Phone 7 make a good gaming platform ... or a dedicated console.

Finally, one of the big surprises that I have been looking at sales numbers game is like Apple is getting slightly in the industry as a major player. Angry Birds and Flight Control has sold 6.5 million and 2 times respectively. Better than the vast majority of video games designed for the Playstation Portable.

It is clear that the future of gaming has many surprises for us, the phenomenon in technology usually offer enough innovation, especially in the last 5 years the competition has increased, but probably in ways not imagined, more oriented Casual gamers and group activities (either physically or virtually through systems like the Xbox Live multiplayer, Playstation Network, etc ...).

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