The Best Reasons for Outsourcing Custom Embroidery Digitizing

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Outsourcing embroidery digitizing is popular because of the many problems that companies have experienced when they have attempted to bring that process in house. Even though there may seem to be more control of the custom embroidering business when everything is under one roof, here are some of the negative aspects.

Seasonal Need

Much the same as automobiles and fashion, embroidery designs have times of the year when new designs are needed. Businesses that produce a similar product tend to release their new lines about the same time. The in house design can be very slow at certain times and it is expensive to keep people on who aren't needed.


The design process isn't just for a few applications, and technicians who have expertise in one field might not be practiced in another. Instead of hiring expensive workers to cover all the bases or training personnel for every variation in the use of the embroidery design, it's less expensive to hire whoever is best suited for the design work on a contract basis.

Constant Training

Because the designers aren't needed all the time, salaries have to be adjusted accordingly. This results in employees who don't stay at the position for long because they want better paying jobs. The turnover rate results in training new designers on a continual basis. Employees in training do not generate profit, it's the ones who stay awhile that generate revenue.

How Does a Business Benefit from Outsourcing?

A business that is successful at embroidery digitizing presents a much better working situation than trying to use inexperienced or high dollar employees. A few of the reasons for this are:

1. Faster turnaround times between receiving an order and having a working design
2. Handling peak periods in demand is much easier
3. Fewer errors and resultant down time
4. More control of operating costs
5. Quick resolution of problems because more people can work on a problem
6. Accuracy and quality of designs are guaranteed

With the many advantages of outsourcing, it doesn't make sense to perform that part of a project in house.

The result of having custom embroidery design from an independent contractor has a threefold improvement for a producer. The contractor who does custom embroidery digitizing gives a schedule based on need so there is no danger of getting behind in production because the computer programs are not in place.

The quality is improved because the trained technicians make sure that programs are tested and tweaked before any items are stitched and produced. Custom embroidery digitizing performed by professionals leaves the problems of quality only to the actual work done in the plant. The result at the time of delivery is that the manufacturer looks good because the Custom Embroidery Design was right when the work began.

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