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Oxegen Festival is an international event organized every year in Ireland since 2004. The main sponsor of this festival is Heineken, which managed to promote it in such a way that it became internationally famous and the country’s biggest musical event. Because the Oxegen Festival attracted important attention from people from all over the world, a great number of forums were created in order to provide everyone with the possibility of discussing aspects related to this important festival.
The best Oxegen Forum is undoubtedly the official one, hosted by the website of the festival. All the information is firstly posted in here, because the organizers have direct access to this website through their accounts and then posted in many other locations. The official Oxegen Forum also includes a set of strict rules every user needs to be aware about. The code of conduct is presented to everyone before registering and the users who fail to follow one of the items listed in there will have their account banned. The purpose of this set of rules is to create a nice and friendly atmosphere between users, because an event like Oxegen Festival should bring people together and unite them with the sounds they all enjoy listening to. The crowd is a decisive factor and an important event like this one can only succeed if there are no incidents and everyone enjoys the music.

Several artists have already confirmed their Oxegen 2011 performances. Names like Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, Blink-182 and the Black Eyed Peas will hopefully engage the audience in an unforgettable show for one more year. In addition to this, there are other rumors posted on several Oxegen Forums according to which there is the possibility for people in Ireland to enjoy a performance of Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers or Weezer in their country. Even though this is not yet official, it is excellent news and it seems like Oxegen 2011 will surprise once again with its spectacular concerts.
If you are interested in finding out the latest information related to Oxegen Festival, and subscribe to news related to ticket sales, other possible acts, the venue of the festival or anything similar, make sure to create your account on one of the many Oxegen Forums. In this way, you will be among the first persons who find out the latest news and you will also have the possibility of purchasing your tickets on time, as well as other advantages.

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