The Best Organic Cosmetics for Dark Brown Eyes

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Browned eyed women often have trouble finding the right shade of makeup to make their overall look appear to be pulled together and well-coordinated. There are some tricks to working with brown eyes that many women dont yet know about.
Very dark eyed women are lucky enough to be able to easily find makeup to suit their needs. Dark eyes dont need much help popping out. Concealing the dark circles around the eyes and using a little mascara will go a long way toward subtly making your eyes stand out even more. This is easy to do by using mineral foundation. Just reapply the mineral foundation using a flat precision brush until the right amount to cover darkness is used.
To make the eyes look a little more open dab a little white (for cool skin tones) or ivory (for warm skin tones) highlighter on the inside corners of the eyes where the nose and eyes meet and sweep it up onto the brow bone. Organic cosmetics on the eyes reduce irritation.
No matter what the skin tone, there are certain tones of all colors that work well to highlight and illuminate brown eyes; one of the best colors being blue. For cool skin tones icy blues and blues based in grey work wonders. For warm skin tones turquois blues or blues that are more yellow and warm are best.

For a great eye shadow application, start with primer. Primer lets your eye shadow last longer, resist smudging and fading and can facilitate blending if used correctly. To start your eye shadow application, use a base coat on the upper eyelid. This should be a medium shade. A darker shade should be used in the crease of the eye and should be blended well with the base color using organic cosmetic brushes. Using a smaller organic cosmetic brushes take the same color used in the crease and make a triangle along the outer third of the eye. A good guide would be to begin at the outside corner of the cornea and go outward.
If you have a cool skin tone a white highlighter shadow should be used to highlight the brow bone. If you have a warm skin tone, use ivory. Begin just about the crease and from just under where the eyebrow begins to where it ends on the outside corner. Gently blend the highlighter in the crease color with a clean blending brush.
Use a brow powder or pencil with a brush to give the eyebrows a more polished look. Some makeup artists use clear mascara over the brow pencil or powder to set the color. Now its time for mascara. Do a quick, cursory first coat. Let it dry for a few minutes before applying a second, heavier coat. For the best coverage begin at the base of the lashes and move your brush side to side and upward and outward simultaneously. If your eyelashes are short or thin, a third coat can be used. To avoid clumping, do not use too much mascara and let it dry completely between applications.

Eyeliner is tricky and needs to be applied differently for each type of liner. Liquid liner is the hardest to use at first, but once learned is very quick and easy. While it is hard to fine, brown liquid liner is much better with most makeup looks than black. Pencil is easier to blend and is generally more fool proof for beginners.
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