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Today's environment has always been but has become more toxic to the human body. Pollutants and disease are attacking the body constantly. However, the human body is a powerful machine, and like all machines must be taken care of on a regular maintenance schedule. Our Body's maintenance can be complicated or made simple. You make the choice.

Science has found that the body if properly maintained can be a powerful force protecting you from all the harmful pollutants and attacks. One major test of the body's ability to fight back is your body's Ph rating. Is your body acidic or alkaline imbalanced. Science has found that balanced body Ph is important to great health.

Since most of the foods we eat and the water we drink move our Ph to the acidic side, science has found this to be the cause of many diseases from organ failure and toxic build-up. Alkalizing the body has become a necessary process for gaining good health and eliminating disease.

Those who have found that alkalizing their body, reduces this acidic imbalance, but it is important to note that a balance Ph of 7.3-7.6 is optimal for great health. This is why those who concentrate on alkalizing their body have found improvements in their quality of life. Alkaliners find the following effects soon to take place-some as often as one day, feeling the difference. They find:

Deeper Sleep as the body rids itself of excess acids, many people sleep much better;
Increased Fitness Level! It's amazing how many 'Alkaliners' feel highly energized;
Less Fat in as little as 1 month you may lose as much as 4-8 lbs;
Less Cravings for bread, soda pop, sweets, meats and other highly acidic foods;
Better Skin that looks fresh and healthy.

Litmus strips are available at your local drug store and should be used to monitor saliva Ph to help one guide the diet needed for keeping the body in balance. If alkaline, which isn't likely for most, acidic meals are needed and if acidic, alkaline meals are needed.

A few interesting facts about our pH: urine, blood, mucus, saliva, digestive juices and body fluids each have an optimum or ideal pH that is slightly alkaline-7.6. The normal healthy range - representing pH balance - is 7.35 to 7.45.

BUT: acidic foods such as meats, yeast containing foods, processed meals/fast foods and beverages like alcohol, soft drinks and coffee RAISE ACIDITY/DROP ALKALINITY so that the body is struggling to maintain its optimum pH balance at 7.356. Acid forming foods create an ideal environment for pathogenic microorganisms that can compromise health dramatically.

Studies have shown that an acidic, anaerobic body environment encourages the breeding of fungus, mold, yeasts, bacteria, and viruses. It is no wonder we are all sick.

A constantly unbalanced body pH may lead to an over-acidification (acidosis) of your cell system: indicators of an over-acidification could be obesity, fatigue, skin irritations, weak immune system, head aches, high cholesterol levels or allergies! It is time for everyone to begin monitoring your body's Ph balance. Getting assistance with an alkaline diet is extremely helpful.

My website has many helpful suggestions for balancing the healthful Ph through diet.

Alkaline Foods & Alkaline Ingredients...
...Increase Your Energy and Vitality
...Neutralize Acids and Toxins in the Blood
...Strengthen Immune Functions and Organ Systems
...Destroy Harmful Microorganisms
...Help Balance Your Body pH

For all of today's citizens who are constantly on the go, a simple saliva Ph-litmus test is the easiest way to keep on top of your body's needs. If you test acidic, stay away from processed and fast foods. If alkaline, you can grab that hamburger at your favorite fast food place. Remember to keep your Ph as close to 7.5 and enjoy the benefits of giving your body a level playing field to fight off the constant attacks from the world's pollution.

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