The Best Kind of Fight is a Food Fight

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If you've never been in a food fight then you definitely live a sheltered life. There's nothing more stress relieving then shoving something into another person's face. But it all starts with recognizing what kinds of food will get the job done the best. You have to keep your eyes out for the kinds of foods that either have excellent smashing quality or long distance throwing quality. Although one should note that the foods should be somewhat soft in nature so no one gets seriously injured. You don't want someone to get a black eye or a bloody nose; blood doesn't make a very good topping on anything as far as I'm concerned. But you have to be ready to have certain foods shoved into places where you normally wouldn't put them, such as maybe in your eyes, up your nose, in your ears and of course in your hair, pretty much everywhere but your mouth. I have found through much experience that the best kinds of food to use are cake of course, spaghetti (definitely with the meatballs), mashed potatoes, whipped cream, pies, and so much more. Desserts tend to be the biggest favorites when starting a food fight. Nothing says "shove me in his face" than a mountain of frosting on a piece of cake.

These types of fights tend to occur when you least expect it. Most of the time it's the quite ones that start all the mess. Beware of those people who have a mischievous look in their eye, or are not eating as much of their food as everyone else. A lot of the time it's on an impulse when they attack. In that moment of spontaneity they make the quick decision to start something that often times leads to a huge event. Although, a lot of people tend to forget about the consequences that follow after their actions, being what is dreaded the most after the fact (i.e. the clean up).

There are so many places and occasions that these incidents happen to appear. The best occasions for these fights are usually at special events, such as birthdays, graduations, weddings or celebrations. But they do every once in a while happen to come about randomly. And when they do, that's when they are the least expected and are usually the most fun. At special events it's almost an unbearable wait for it to happen because you know the tension is building, it's just the question of when. Then you end up asking yourself whether or not you should be the one to take the initiative. But usually whoever is the initiator is the one who gets it back the most in return. I think it's a revenge thing that occurs, as if we are defending our honor, so we must take down the one who began it all. In that case, you should be prepared to be betrayed by even your bestest of friends and hunted down by your very own family. There's no mercy in a food fight. It's only you who's got your back, just remember that.

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