The Best Granite Countertops Deal

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Granite is a widely available intrusive rock which is made up of a medium to coarse grained texture. Granites can be of various colors ranging from black to pink and everything within. It is made up of 20 % quartz in it. Granite is often found in large pieces and is therefore a very suitable stone for construction utilities . Its compressive strength is very high and its viscosity at standard temperature and pressure is also very high. Granite has been widely used as a dimension stone for flooring in commercial, private and many offices and monuments worldwide. Aberdeen in Scotland which is principally made out of granite slabs is also known as the “Granite City”. With an increase in amounts of acid rain world wide, granite has substituted marble because of the latter’s corrosive nature when in contact with acidic substances. Domestically, polished granites are a first choice for kitchen countertops because of its aesthetic qualities and long lasting durability.

As it is a natural stone it is also able to bring in natural energy and vibrancy in the kitchen. The colors of a granite kitchen countertop makes it so easy to match with the colors of the walls and wooden kitchen decor. These countertops are very rugged and can handle rough treatment yet can be kept clean and beautiful with the minimum. Some other benefits of granite countertops are that they are heat resistant, abrasion resistant to cutlery and other kitchen items. They are moisture resistant and finally they have a sense of permanence. The pricing of granite countertops can depend on the veins, the color, size and type of granite. Usually each square foot of granite can cost anything above $50.

Latest trends and country of origin are other factors determining the price of granite countertops. Many people like to have granite countertops but often get disheartened with the price the dealers quote. Some ways of getting a good bargain on granite tops is to keep a watch on the local granite shop’s off season sale. One can also look online for some excellent deals given by granite dealers. Another way of getting a good prices’ worth is to have granite tiles as kitchen countertops. Tiles are less expensive and at the same time look equally beautiful and majestic as the granite slabs. Some tips before buying granite countertops are to check the color of the granite slab and see if it goes well with the wooden cabinetry and the rest of the decor. The color is of utmost importance in choosing the right slab. Always choose contrasting countertops as dark colored countertops go very well with light color cabinetry and decor. If required take help from a professional interior decorator to find out exactly what color or nature of granite would suit the kitchen countertop or the bathroom decor, wherever one would like to install a granite counter top. Always know from the supplier what kind of sealant to be used and after how long the stone needs to be sealed and polished. One more important tip would be to take care of acidic liquid like vinegar or lemon juice because they may affect etching of the stone beyond repair.

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