The Best Gaming iPhone Applications

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People purchase the iPhone not just because it is a pretty looking phone but also because it has a multitude of other functions. One of these is being able to play games through the use of downloading different applications. These apps can turn your iPhone into a gamer's paradise.

The first app is relatively cheap at less than a dollar and is Doodle Jump. It is a very simple game to learn where your levels go up and your score does as well. It appears that you shoot little dots from your marker or pen to attack the drawn out space ships. All the graphics look like they were drawn by someone to give it an artistic feel with different scenery options and settings for the levels.

Chopper is another game that you might get drawn into and find yourself spending countless hours playing. You are operating a helicopter with a mission to try to save as many of the civilians that you can. Bombs and bullets are a crucial part of this game as you try to defeat the enemy who is harming your people. It actually takes advantage of the built in components of the iPhone in its side scrolling motions.

Another free game that will have no problems sucking you in is called Unblock me. It is a simple concept with a bunch of blocks being on screen with one of them darker than the others. The blocks all form a traffic jam with your objective to try to get this block or "car" out of the jam. You use the touch screen interface to move the blocks around simply and quickly without having any issues. You can even set personal records for the number of moves it takes you to get your block free for each level and try to beat those. There are a whopping 200 levels on the free version but if you're just that good and find yourself out of levels for a small 99 cent fee you can get the other levels for a total of 2,000 challenging levels which will amuse you for hours and even days on end.

Fans of shooter games will want to be sure to download DOOM Resurrection. It is just like the computer game Doom and the graphics that are used on the iPhone are excellent and some people would have never thought these to be ever possible. You are a marine that is forced to fight off hell while you attack everything that appears on the screen. Obviously it's not as extensive as the PC version but you will find it works when you need something to occupy some time and it does it quite well. This carries a price tag of $6.99.

Crazy Machines is a bit cheaper at $2.99 and is a different kind of game entirely. Machines need to be built in the game with a variety of simple household objects to apply the rules of physics to get the ball in the hoop for example. There are 70 levels to challenge your mind here.

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