The best Floral Perfumes

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Floral perfumes are considered the best perfumes all over the world. In fact the history of perfumes says that floral perfumes are the first perfume category of the world and thus popular also. Floral perfumes represent the essence of love and romance. Floral perfumes are further sub divided into different categories like floral green, floral fruity etc. Thus, know about the best floral perfumes in the world that will help you selecting the right one for your sweet heart.

The main idea is that these types of perfumes are floral bouquets, which means that they are made from a number of flower scents. These scents form their predominant theme. Only some of them pretend to have only one dominant theme, but that unique floral note must be sustained by other ingredients.

Different floral fragrance notes are harmonized together. If, combined with any other family, floral perfumes are universally commercial. The starry nights get the soul from floral fragrances. Floral fragrances evoke memories of tender moments. It's considered to be the most feminine of all fragrance families.

The most ordinary bouquet is the so-called rose and jasmine duet. Most of the perfumes, either famous or not, have in their basis this combination, but for making some difference between them, their creators have added other combinations of flowers, as well as other ingredients, such as moss, fruits, spice and musk. All these can offer to a perfume certain originality. The most famous classic examples of this duet can be found in Joy from Platou, Arpege from Lanvin and No. 5 from Chanel.

There are also some other floral perfumes whose bouquets don't contain at all this combination: Anais Anais from Cacharel, which is based on lilies and orange flowers, or Champs-Elysee from Guerlain, a perfect scent that combines the rose with buddleia - flower with the smell closed to the lilac. The floral perfumes have intense feminity and the romantic charm, in different grades of freshness and sweetness.

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