The Best Canadian VOIP Telephone Service At Affordable Price Around The World

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You have spent much amount to pay huge amount phone bill, to make long distance call. The limitation of our pocket does not permit to make long distance call sometimes. But now, these are not at all problems now, Telehop is here to make you available cellular long distance services at a lower cost. We are also an outstanding voip provider throughout the cities of Canada. We are an alternative HomePhone Canada Company provides numerous service packages like home phone services, Virtual Calling Cards, toll-free numbers, dial-in access numbers etc. We are the best name to provide VoIP Canada service for every type of local as well as long distance call for both home and office purpose across the world. You can avail this service at an extremely cheap rate just using high-speed Broadband Internet connection. Telehop is now most uttered alternative telecommunications company in Canada, easily connect people by offering lowest local and distance call service. We are in telecommunication field since1993, and conduct our operation by three headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Throughout the North America and its metropolitan area, we provide our call service to all residential and business customers. We are listed on the TSX Venture Exchange and its predecessor exchanges since 1997. The symbol –HOP bears our identity and we offers cheap and cost effective call rate to our entire residential and commercial customers by two-way monthly 'flat rate' calling services through the way of alternative telecommunications. In 1994, we were conferred one of Canada's few Equal Access Long Distance Providers to offer full service long distance calling globally at significantly lower rates. We have been licensed as a Class "A" telecommunications carrier. The above said are our success story to become a leading service provider. We have low cost Home phone Canada alternative and several other 'dial-around' services throughout North America, including both "10-10-620" and "10-10-100" services for long distance calls. The motto of these services is talk more but pay less. We promote many unlimited calls through 10-10-620. NEW UNLIMITED minutes to landline are available in the following countries like India, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, and Chile at the best and lowest rate. 10-10-100 is designed for users for making short calls at per minute rates. Choose, that is suitable according to your need. The facilities you will avail are no extra fees for network, no switching phone companies, No contracts and rates appear on your regular phone bill at very lower cost.

Telehop, is also an established high speed and economical Internet service provider. There are three amazing packages that fit your pocket and lifestyle. The High Speed Cable Internet is very much convenient for VoIP call. VoIP refers to "Voice Over Internet Protocol". Instead of regular phone landlines, the communication is made by high-speed Broadband Internet connection. At present, we are the best qualified VoIP Canada Company available in your area. The numerous benefits of this technology are no extra charges like taxes, call waiting, caller ID and call forwarding charges etc. Digital Phone facility like caller ID and call waiting, storing incoming calls, voice mail and many more are available at a significantly lower rate. That is why; every business house and even residents are switching over VoIP Canada . The more exciting benefits are waiting for you for your choice, 24 hours 7 days a week. We expect you to come and be our client choosing your favorite plans. No extra cost, just pay that you want to pay.

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