The Best Anti Aging Skin Care Tips to Keep You Looking Younger Longer

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If you are trying to age gracefully, chances are that you want the best anti aging skin care regimen possible. But what will work for you? There are two ways that you can make your skin firmer and more youthful looking.

The first thing you need to do is hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Make sure you use a rich moisturizer designed for your skin type. Drink water too. This gets moisture to the skin cells and fills them, making them plump up. This is perhaps the best anti-aging skin care guide available. Hydration is the best anti-aging skin care since it not only benefits your skin but your entire system as well.

When skin becomes dehydrated, it begins to look dull and tired. Reversing this appearance is why hydration should be your number one tool for the best anti aging skin care. As skin gets older it loses the ability to replace cells as quickly but if your system is hydrated and working at peak efficiency, it will look lighter, brighter and tighter, all great components of the best anti aging skin care.

Another of the best anti aging skin care tips available is to avoid the sun and use sun protection whenever you are outside. You may think that because approximately 80% of the sun damage we suffer has happened by the age of 18 that this advice has no place in an anti-aging skin care guide, but you are wrong.

By staying out of the sun and using sunscreen with a high SPF, you can stave off further skin damage from sunlight. The best anti-aging skin care techniques help repair damage that was done previously and also prevent further damage. UV radiation from the sun is cumulative and so you need to protect yourself at all stages of life.

Staying out of the sun will help reduce or prevent discolorations caused by the sun's radiation, as well as help prevent skin cancer. Skin cancer is extremely treatable so if it is caught early, you have an excellent chance of recovery. But as many of the best anti-aging skin care experts will tell you, many people do not inspect their skin as closely as they should.

If you get two things from this anti aging skin care guide it should be that for younger looking skin, hydration and sun protection are your best ways to a clear and glowing complexion.

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