The Best Alternative for Collagen Moisturizer

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Though injectable collagen is really effective, you should know that all topical collagen will never work. For instance, collagen moisturizer will not be as effective as the usual moisturizer. Why? This is because synthetic collagen topical products have bovine collagen with dense molecules, which is why it can never be absorbed into the skin. The collagen will just stay there on top and will be waiting for you to wash them off.
They will never give you any results for getting rid of wrinkles or fine lines, which is the reason most people choose to use collagen products. Therefore, why would you get a collagen moisturizer?
Instead of making sure your moisturizer contains collagen, what you need is a skin care product that can provide a great and beautiful skin without causing any harmful damages. This skin care product should also maintain the natural moisture of the skin and prevent the skin from dryness. This skin care product should be made from natural ingredients that can make the skin healthy and avoid skin problems.

For instance you can use skin care products with oils that can help you to moisturize your skin. Grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil, and avocado oil can all help you to maintain your skinís moisture. As we grow old, we lose our natural skin oils and this can leave our skin to be dry and wrinkled.
With the above oils, you can bring back the skinís natural moisture in no time. They resemble the structure of the molecules of the natural skin oils which make them much easier to absorb compared to any other products, especially collagen. Thus they can replace the lost natural skin oils and maintain the skinís moisture.
You should never get skin care products with mineral oils. Many moisturizers have mineral oils. However, you should never use them because they trap the germs and bacteria inside your pores and clog them. This can lead to more skin problems like pimples, oily skin, and many more.
Mineral oil also strips the natural oils form the skin. This will cause your skin to be chapped and very dry. I can see why companies would want to use this substance. Itís inexpensive adding to their profits. People will keep buying it. The skin will remain dry and because people arenít aware that is the mineral oil in they product that is adding to the dryness of the skin, they will keep applying the product.

After all, the product is called a moisturizing cream, so of course it must moisturize. It feels good when you rub it on, so you have temporary moist skin, but it isnít helping to heal the skin. But this is where the facts get confused. Just because it feels good at first, it is helping you. Instead it is harming your skin.
Now you know why a collagen moisturizer isnít helping your skin and you know more about which oils to choose when finding a moisturizing product. Hopefully this has been helpful in your search for finding a product for dry skin. To find the non-collagen moisturizer I use, check out my web site listed below.

Elizabeth Ruby is passionate about good health and using healthy products on her skin. She does extensive research on the best products to use and what products to avoid. Visit her website at to find out what products she recommends.

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