The benefits of using video on your DSLR

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Many DSLR cameras these days now also have built-in HD video capabilities, perfect for when a single photo just won’t capture the entire mood and action of a scene.

For digital video beginners who already own a DSLR, HD video on your camera is a great way to get started with learning all the amazing capabilities of video. Here are some benefits of having built-in HD video on your SLR camera.

Great lens choice

One great advantage of having built in video on your SLR camera is all the different lenses you can play around with. You can use a fisheye lens, to get a 180o shot of a great view or piece of scenery, a macro lens to film small objects and tiny insects, or even a telephoto lens to film things in the night sky. You’ll get interesting and varied shots in all your videos.

Easy to use for beginners

Using video on your SLR is as easy as taking a photo, so if you’re a video beginner, shooting footage will be easy even from the start. Once you get the hang of focusing, you simply push one button to start and stop recording.


Another great benefit of SLR cameras with built in video is the portability. For times when you want to travel light, you won’t have to carry around both a video camera and DSLR.


Another great thing about built-in video on your DSLR camera is that you can take snap shots while recording. So if there’s a particularly special moment you want to savour while you’re filming, you won’t miss out.

Great in low light

Extra sensitive sensors in DSLR cameras make them great for shooting in low light as well. So if you’re out taking a stroll or at an evening gig or party, you won’t miss out on anything.

There are plenty of online tutorials to help you get the most out of using video on your DSLR, so there’s no shortage of inspiration out there for when you’re learning. For the ease and convenience of video on your favourite camera, DSLR cameras with built in HD video are a great option.

If you’ve already played around with HD video on your SLR, and are ready to branch out further into the world of video, consider getting your hands on a HD video camera. You’ll get stunning video quality, and many models are extremely easy to use, even for beginners.

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