The Benefits Of Using Custom Patches.

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Clubs, groups, corporations and organizations have long used custom patches in order to come up with an identification
scheme, as well as to share whatever interests that they may have in common. As of today, there has been a spike in the
number of companies that manufacture either custom embroidered patches or even woven patches at very affordable rates.

These same companies can also come up with these patch designs in anywhere from three weeks tops, to just seven days.

Moreover, these established patch companies often have in-house designers who can make just about any logo or design into a
distinct patch. Because of the existence of such designers, customers often just need to pay for the production of the
actual patch, but both the pre-production service and the artwork transfer are for free. This means that the customer is
no longer required to pay the graphic designer so he/she can come up with an artwork that can be digitized into embroidered
patches. This particular production scheme can help you save on both money and time.

If you are planning on coming up with your own custom patches, here are a few tips that can help streamline the patch
design process for you:

First, while a seasoned designer can easily turn a napkin doodle into a sophisticated-looking custom patch, they actually
prefer working from Vector files. This is because these files are responsible for storing the curves, shapes, and lines
that make up a design. These files are also easier to edit compared to GIF, BMP, or JPEG formats, since these files are
oftentimes better for finished designs that no longer need to be transferred into something wearable, just like patches.

Second, when the design that you have in mind contains text, you should make sure that the fonts to be used in the
embroidered patches have to be passed to the designer as well. This is because if this font information is obtained
beforehand, then it can spare the designer from having to go through hundreds of fonts in order to find a match
because some designers just opt for a font style that merely looks like the original text if they do not find the

texts original font style.

Next, you need to bear in mind that there are certain designs that do not look well when embroidered. Examples of
these custom embroidered patches would be those that contain lots of shadows, intricate details, tiny fonts and
color gradients. These designs are often hard to duplicate in custom patches, and because of this, you need to need
to have simpler designs in order to come up with the best-looking patch.

Lastly, you have to be aware that if the patches color needs to be precisely similar to an existing company uniform,
sign or logo, you need to first consult a color chart and relay to the designer the exact PMS numbers that your design
would need. By doing this, you can rest assured that your patch will not have the color of Maroon when its color should
have been Dark Orange.

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