The Benefits of Tree Pruning

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What a difference a trim can make:

I suppose I am one of the lucky Londoners because I have a back garden. And while it looks like the secret garden with its chaos and overgrown vines, it is in fact quite charming. That is until yesterday when a tree surgeon came to the house and cut back all of the excessive foliage - and then some. I returned home from work to see an almost unrecognisable garden. It was as if the sky had opened. The sun was shining down on what appeared to be a much brighter and bigger space.

The Benefits of Tree Trimming:

Healthy regrowth:

Like human hair, trees need trimming to remain healthy and allow for even and disease-free regrowth. Tree pruning is also performed to remove damaged branches; to thin the crown and allow new growth and air circulation; to reduce height; to remove obstructing lower branches; and to shape a tree for design purposes.


Too much foliage can inhibit light from entering your garden and this can be a problem for a few reasons. For starters, it can make your garden dark and depressing. It also prevents plants and flowers from growth. Gardens that have too much overgrowth would not be hospitable for plants that require a lot of light and as a result limit the property owners botanical choices. A lot of foliage generally means a lot of fallen leaves, bird poo and general mess.

Improves size and quantity of fruit crops:

Like most tree types, fruit trees require regular pruning for proper growth and development. Moreover, by taking care of your fruit trees, you are optimising fruit production - both in terms of quality and quantity. The first step to learning about DIY fruit tree pruning is to research which pruning methods are best for your particular fruit tree.

Prevent disease infection:

If the leaves on your tree are yellow, missing or ragged it is time to invest in a little pruning. Regular tree pruning gets rid of insect nests or fungus on leaves and branches. An insect infestation can be detrimental to the life and health of a tree. The trouble is, a person might not always be able to tell that it's even happening to their tree before it's too late. That's why it's best to invest in regular tree pruning.

Tree pruning is something that can be performed by anyone really, but there are advantages to hiring an expert. For starters, they have all of the tools necessary for every job. They also are familiar with how to climb trees and have the proper equipment to ensure their personal safety. And finally, they know how to cut, where to cut and when to cut.


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