The Benefits of Live Event Filming

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Live Event filming is more than just pointing a camera at the action - it's about capturing the mood, the atmosphere, the nuances that make an event unique.
Hire a crew that have experience filming all manner of events from product launches, to company kick-offs; sales training to award ceremonies. You need to ensure the most important moments of your event are captured and edited into an engaging film for people to see again and again.

The crew needs to be unobtrusive blend into the background whether it's a single or multi-camera setup. It’s well worth having an on-site editor to live mix your event so your audience can see the action close-up and personal or you can have the highlights that very evening.

Event filming can also have huge cost-saving benefits, like training sales people who weren't there, re-use in global internal communications, or re-purposing for PR.
Whatever the event, you should strongly consider producing a film that re-creates the atmosphere in a form that can be re-used as a corporate asset throughout your organisation. .

Even Seminar and conference event filming can fulfil several purposes for conference and event organisers: acquire a lasting and permanent record of your event for future reference; furnish you with a sales tool to entice next year’s visitors and exhibitors; and give you a product you can use to add value to your event by making a record of presentations available. This is of particularly interest for people who cannot attend but would like to acquire a DVD of seminar content.

Event filming can throw up challenges that demand skill, experience and the right tools and equipment from any video production company. Working in noisy and busy environments, for example, which often have poor lighting (either too much or too little) demands specialist equipment and expertise. .

Event filming has been taking place for years and is not new to the world of commercial business. The benefits of capturing such events are tremendous and you'll probably find that just about every major event you've ever been to will have captured at least the keynote speakers.

The problem for smaller businesses and events is quite simply budget. The costs of video production have fallen dramatically in recent years and the quality of equipment available to the "average Joe" has also improved so its not quite the expense it used to be anymore and that makes filming your event even more attractive and worth thinking about. .

Events are inspirational places, and businesses tend to be more open, transparent and friendly when attending events, everyone is geared up to network and introduce each other and welcome new ideas. Whether it’s a large trade show at a venue like the Excel or a small gathering of specialist businesses in a hotel meeting room, what's said is more than likely going to be valuable and is worth capturing.

Why not produce a batch of 1000 printed DVD's to send to all who attended, or provide an online video channel where delegates can log in and view the keynotes they missed or want to re-watch. The opportunities are endless and if you’re running a series of events or on a yearly basis then videos from past events can be used as promotional material to attract new delegates and even speakers. So next time you plan an event remember how important event filming really is.

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