The Bed Bug Epidemic

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The term “bed bugs”, which are tiny, nocturnal, parasitical insects, is being heard everywhere; not only in the phrase that was once so commonly used, “Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!” This is a phrase that we’ve frequently used in comics, cartoons, television shows, and in our everyday lives. Prior to the 1940’s, however, this phrase had much more significance as bed bugs largely infested the population of America. Although the bugs have been widely expunged after the 1940’s, they are striking back and have severely infested many regions of the United States. Now in present-day America, the phrase, “Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!” is reflecting the same significance as it did in the 1940’s
Bed bugs were an issue in America before the 1940’s, but due to the extensive use of the chemical DDT, these infestations posed as no real threat. DDT was banned in the 1970’s due to public protests about the pesticide being harmful to humans, animals, and the environment. Now, bed bugs are prominent and have been since the 1990’s. Although, every single state has recently reported infestations of these particular bugs, the northeast region of the United States is most severely infested. New York and Ohio are currently the top two competitors in terms of infestations. However, Terminex has recently reported that New York, Detroit, and Philadelphia are the most infested. A common way these bugs are introduced is by travel. Many or most of New York’s hotels are direly infested with these minute pests, and no matter how much treatment is done, they seem to have adapted and have become immune to the chemicals. The hotel industry is in critical condition thanks to bed bugs, and they are taking any precautions to take control and ensure prevention of these pests.

In July’s issue of the NY Times, it stated that 311 informational hotline in New York received over 33,772 phone calls just for bed bugs, “a 54% increase from 2008.” New York has already spent over half a million dollars just to control the number of bed bugs. New York has also shut down a few corporal business buildings due to these infestations, stores like Victoria’s Secret and Hollister were some of them.
Recently, Ohio has been struggling to use the chemical, propexur, to tackle these bug problems. Even with the support of 25 other states, the EPA has rejected Ohio’s request, stating that it is harmful to the health of small children. Many other states in the United States are encountering the same issues and the restrictions in chemical use. Due to recent immunities, some chemicals used for the control of these pests have become ineffective.
Several states in the northeast region has stated that there is a bed bug epidemic. The landlords in New York and Maine are required to provide a disclosure statement to their tenants if there is any bed bug infestations reported. Hopefully, we will be able to come up with a chemical that is powerful enough to kill and wipe out these tiny pests naturally.

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