The Beatles: Rock Band - Playing The Game

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The game Beatles: Rock Band will be thoroughly enjoyed if the player is a Beatle fan, but even a non-gamer can enjoy this game too. Gamers who are not aware of Beatles music will also enjoy this game, as the game is very entertaining with amazing graphics. The story line of this game is better in comparison to other rock band games and is sure to gain more new fans.

The Beatles: Rock Band includes 45 fantastic Beatles songs that are worth playing and singing the melody and its harmony parts, on your own or in association with two or three more friends, to keep the singers in high spirits. Playing the rock band drums can be enjoyed by the players as it looks similar to real drums, besides offering good practice. Playing guitar and bass parts also gives a very realistic feel. The singing parts is a lot of fun and learning it becomes interesting and simple.

The game has so many awesome features that the players do not know when the night passes away. The psychedelic game graphics are really cool in songs such as `Lucy in the sky with diamonds`, and make the best of the performances at Shea Stadium on The Ed Sullivan Show. This video game also is featured with tutorials that impart lessons on becoming a better drummer as well as a singer. The online play allows the players to learn, practice, enjoy, and also compete with other players all over the world. The video game offers the pleasure of real studio chatter in which none of the players must have experienced, as it has never been released before.

Of course, there is no doubt that this is one of the video games that Beatles fans will bowl over with anxiety and enthusiasm. Even the most snobbish type of people, will also enjoy this game, provided they give a try as it offers authentic fun. The Beatles Rock Band came out on September 9, 2009, and on the same day the newly CD sets re-mastered Beatles came out. Both were welcomed by people.

The music of the game comprises of nearly 25% of the songs that were released during the Beatles career and makes a good sample. They include some highly loved early classics such as `I want to hold your hand`, `I feel fine` and `I saw her standing there`, besides the psychedelic era songs `Paperback Writer`, `Sgt. Pepper's Hearts Club Band` and `I am the Walrus`. The music also has the 68-69 era songs of `Revolution', `Here comes the Sun` and `Get Back` with a total of 45 songs.

The cool things of playing the game is that the players get to play the entire series starting from the 1960 The Cavern in Liverpool to all the way to the 1969 Abbey Road recording. The game graphics are astonishing and the characters resemble the Beatles, but there are different stages that offer psychedelic images for songs such as `I am the Walrus`. Instruments such as guitars look replicate to the instruments. Harmony singing is facilitated and friends get to sing on the rock band in unison having a novel experience. Also the fact that more than one singer can sing at once really makes the Beatles Rock Band an ultimate party game.

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