The Basic Conditions for Married Women to Divorce

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In the modern society, the on-off phenomenon has become common. the woman can only get ready to divorce, don't let a man think you cannot live without him and should have a few conditions, let herself proceed or step back freely in marriage.

First, women must be a skill to feed themselves. People must eat, which is the most basic. After solving the basic problem, you can have ability to fight again, with graceful posture to find your own spring. Think no matter you are elegant, every day you are overworked for meals, and even sometimes cannot fill the stomach, can you still be elegant?

Second, women should be kind-hearted and respect the old and cherish the young. Whether you are what kind of man, his mind cannot contain an evil old woman. Even if a family is poor, as long as there is one kind of woman to work hard, such family will still has the Sanctuary of the heart and the source of happiness. Here to respect the old and cherish the young is to respect parents-in-law at home, and love the young children of their own. If a woman is absorbed in her own free and unfettered happiness, not put their old people and children to heart, you may imagine who cares this kind of woman. If you are divorced, there is not the second man to dare to want you!

The 3rd, want to have their own private territory and the meaning of this site is the original home, the home of the best friends, even the house cannot let a man know. As the old saying goes, a foxy person has more than one hideout. Women have had their own small grotto, when she is enraged by the man and the children, she can throw housework to man, to carry their own pouch disappear in small grotto, let the man suffer headaches.

No matter how the ladies in the marriage prepare enough, with those conditions, the man also think carefully if you just want to divorce. To divorce with you, where can he find such capable and thoughtful wife?

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