The Barack Obama Con Job Continues

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(July 17, 2009) Supporters of Barack Obama's current national healthcare initiative are being taken in by a new self-serving con. "Health care for everyone" is health care for no one.

With the number of already-overloaded hospitals remaining roughly the same, the avalanche of new patients will only serve to create long delays and reduce quality service for those lucky few who get any service at all. A similar situation will result in the private-doctor sector.

In addition, the financial burden of this healthcare program will only serve to worsen our economic crisis. A bankrupt government has no choice but to raise taxes; and we're in no position to pay even more taxes than we're already paying.

If you're one of those who support this healthcare package, you have to ask yourself one question: Has anything Obama has done so far worked? Our economic problems are getting worse. Those hundreds of billions of dollars in bailout money have done nothing. Nobody's life has improved. There are no more jobs than before. Yet there are people naive enough to still believe what Obama says.

This healthcare program is about making headlines. So were Obama's other huge-money programs. Obama has already racked up a greater deficit than all prior presidents combined -- and the only thing that's "changed" is that things are getting worse. By the time most Americans realize what kind of disaster Obama has created, Obama will be long out of office.

Stop the Obama wrecking ball. Oppose this healthcare initiative and all other large-money programs. The best, and probably the only, way to improve our economy is to increase manufacturing and perhaps services. You can't spend your way out of poverty.

Obama is bringing this country down one brick at a time. He should be impeached, not supported. If impeachment is too difficult, Obama should be prosecuted when gets out of office for undermining the welfare of the United States of America.

Can we lose our country to the destructive practices of one bad president? "Yes we can."

by Josh Greenberger

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