The bandwidth requirement for VoIP connection

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Even though the bandwidth and connection speed are not exactly the same technically, they are interchangeably used. A range of frequencies through which data is transmitted is in fact the bandwidth. The same principle has been applied for radio, TV and data transmission. More data are transmitted at one point of time if the bandwidth range is large and thus the speed would be great. However, technically speaking, bandwidth is not connection speed and they are used interchangeably by most of the internet users.

Basically the bandwidth is measured in Hertz or Megahertz and the hertz are counted in millions. One megahertz is equal to one million hertz. Connection speed which is technically called as the bit rate is measured in Kilo bits per second or in short kbps. It simply means that how many bits are transmitted in one second. Usually most of the service providers use the term kbps or mbps to refer the transmission speed that they offer. You have to note that one mbps is equal to one thousand kbps. There are options for performing online connection tests in order to verify if the connection speed is good or bad and whether it is suitable for VoIP.

It is known to everyone that the internet is widely used a communication medium. When you are using it for communication purposes, the bandwidth becomes the most expensive requirement since it is recurring. As voice is a type of data which is bulkier than conventional text, the bandwidth requirements are more important for voice communication. From this what has to be interpreted is that you would get a better voice quality if the connection speed is greater. These broadband connections are the talk of the town and are also getting cheaper and cheaper.

Broadband connection means unlimited access, precisely 24 hours a day. Moreover the speed would also be much higher than that of dial up connection. These days the VoIP service providers offer at least 512 kbps and this is more than enough for VoIP communication. This is the situation in developed counties and regions however. In some other places, some users would be restricted to low connection speed which would be at high prices.

Some of the typical bandwidth connections associated with popular communication devices and technologies are dial up, ISDN, ADSL etc. In dial up connection, you would get a speed up to 56 kbps and it is not exactly suitable for voip connections. The speed would be up to 128 kbps in ISDN and it is suitable for fixed and dedicated service. The ADSL would give up to several mbps and it is one of the best WAN technologies. However it is restricted to immobility. Then there are wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, GPRS, CDMA offering up to several mbps. Among them some technologies are suitable while others are limited by distance and signal quality. They are considered as mobile alternative for ADSL. Next comes the Ethernet widely known as LAN. The speed would be up to thousands of mbps and it is the best. However it can be limited to the length of wires which can be short in most cases.

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