The Banana Diet Program - Why It Does Not Work

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The banana diet is a something customers in my Skinny Asian Diet program are inquiring about lately and I would like to take some time to reveal why it's not the correct choice for a large number of people trying to lose weight. Like many things in life, there are superior options than extreme diets that put emphasis too much on a single food. Fortunately Asian women get thin and burn fat easily, even following childbirth, and do it in a healthy way that anyone can learn!

The Banana Diet Program - Why It Does Not Work

The foundation of the banana diets that are being promoted online right now are centered around the thought that by replacing a meal, or even two meals, with bananas, will enable you to eat almost any other food you want the rest of the day and be able to shed weight.

This thinking is mistaken from the start, and it's common in fad diets to market to us by tempting us with the enjoyment of eating whatever we feel like as long as we eat a few "bananas", or "cookies", or "chocolate-flavored tablets", or any other range of things I've seen introduced over the years.

In reality eating even just two bananas a day, and then following it with the same meals that got us to the overweight dilemma we're battling, isn't going to make us drop a single pound. To get long-lasting perpetual weight loss we have to change the way we think about food...not replacing an entire meal for a gimmick, but actually learning to make meals for ourselves that are delightful, filling, and help our bodies shed extra pounds quickly.

Other weaknesses with most of the banana diets center around the effect of having too much sugar intake on a daily basis (bananas taste good because they're primarily a sweet sugar in composition), and building up insulin resistance, which can lead to health problems later in life.

There Is A Better Approach...

Asian gals have been slender for thousands of years, and continue to be even in this world of global McDonalds, Pizza Huts, and Pepsi. How do they do it?

Well one way is through making a priority at each and every meal to ingest the greater part of their calories from a protein-based base. Everything from chicken (skinless), tofu, fish, eggs, and lean meat is a terrific source of protein for meals, and with a little flavoring can be totally delicious.

Protein functions for losing weight because it kicks our metabolic process up a notch because it's more difficult for our digestive system to process. This is good for us, it's something we're built to handle, but instead we fill our systems with sugars and carbohydrates from man-made breads and pasta, none of which is hard for the body to digest.

Our body also has a difficult time turning protein into fat build up, even when we overeat a bit at a solitary meal. For example, if you take in 600 calories for lunch, you are two times as likely to add pounds if those calories originated from a carbohydrate-based food versus a protein-based food.

Be sure to focus on getting a lean supply of protein in at every single meal and watch your metabolism take off! You'll feel more full, for a longer stretch of time, just from that single change alone.

You Will Achieve Your Fantasy Body

If your problem area lies in your stomach, I recommend you check out these Asian diet secrets. It can be challenging for anyone, but here are a few ideas on how to lose ten pounds in seven days.

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