The Bakugan Pack rules the neighborhood

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Introducing the Bakugan Pack. The Bakugan Pack is what I call the pack of kids in my neighborhood who are obsessed with with weird sounding game. But is Bakugan a game? The Bakugan Pack play with the their Bakugan Balls and cards but they dont necessarily play by the rules.

This new obsession crossed many boundaries for these kids. The 3 year olds love Bakugan cause the Bakugan Balls transform from a ball about the size of a golf ball to a Dragon or Snake. There are many of these creatures and each one has its own attributes. The older kids, and by older I mean 7 year olds play ,more by the rules, using the Gate Cards to start a round adding Ability cards to change the attributes to send the enemies Bakugan to the Doom Dimension.

I pretend like I know what Im talking about, but really I hear the Bakugan Pack yelling this stuff out as they play in this relatively mild and mind bending game. This fad came on like wild fire, first it was Thomas the Train, then Speed Racer, then Star Wars the Clone Wars and now Bakugan is the latest craze to suck my hard dollars from our bank account.

Bakugan has gone world wide. It seems to have started in 2007 and has just rocketed in popularity. We are in the midst of a craze here so go get your kids some Bakugan and start your own Bakugan Pack. But Beware each little character is going to cost you like 5 bucks. And then it doesn't stop there of course. Last might the kids went to be in the Bakugan pajamas. Then grandma showed up with the Bakugan Battle Field. The Bakugan Pack is sure to last a little while Im sure. But i just know there is something else right around the corner......what could it be?

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