The Art Of Using Concealers

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Camouflaging trouble areas on the face with concealers
Concealers help mask trouble areas, blemishes, and dark circles. They help your skin look glowing and smooth out uneven tone. They balance out your skin complexion and tone. From the neck area to all over the face, a concealer camouflages your trouble areas.

Concealers are available in many shades so the first step would be to choose the right shade for you. Choose the shade which is closest to your natural skin color. While in summers you can opt for a shade darker than your natural tone and in winters a lighter shade should be used.

Concealers are only meant to hide areas of concern, such as hyper pigmentation or blemishes. First, dab the concealer under the eyes (to hide the under eye dark circles). This is done by starting from the inner most corner of the eye and then moving outwards. Now dab the concealer around the nose and the cheeks wherever there are visible spots which need to be covered. The need to apply concealer all over the face is rare..

Method of applying: the concealer you choose is your personal preference. It totally depends on the practice and comfort level with which one can easily and evenly apply the product. Some people prefer to use brushes, others opt for sponges and some prefer to apply it using their fingertips. A variety of brushes is available for the application of concealer. While narrow tipped brushes are to be used on the areas like under eyes and corner areas of the nose, thicker brushes are used on cheeks where there is more are to be covered. Using brushes for the application of concealers helps to apply it evenly and accurately, while those who apply it with their fingertips prefer it because the warmth of the fingers help the product easily penetrate and absorbed into the skin.

Tips while using concealers:
When applying a concealer to hide the under eye circles mixing it with a very small amount of yellow eye shadow is common, as it aids in masking dark circles.. Adding blue or green eye shadow helps cover the ruddy spots (usually in winter) which appear on the cheeks.

The concealers with high pigment levels and mineral base are better as they camouflage the spots better and also stay on the face for longer duration. Glo Concealer Under eye is an effective concealer available in beige, golden and natural color options.

For those with oily skin, always dry your acne (blow dry- low intensity or by using a blotting paper) before applying a concealer.

When you need to hide freckles or pigmentation i.e. when the concealer needs to be applied all over the face it is better to use a cream based product.

Naomi Andrews is an esthetician from Hawaii. She has had the opportunity to use various skin care and care cosmetics and products like Obagi, Lierac Paris, Pure Fiji, Glo Minerals and many others. She has hands on various kinds of laser treatments and other skin care and anti ageing treatments.

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