The Apprentice – My Favourite TV Show

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Another series of the gripping TV show the Apprentice has started airing in the UK right now. For my entire household this is compulsive viewing, read on to find out more.

The concept of the show is simple. It is a competition between budding business entrepreneurs to win a job with top business guru Sir Alan Sugar. Alan Sugar is of course well known for his British based Amstrad Empire a leader in pioneering electronic goods.

The competitors are split into teams normally this is male versus female. At the beginning of the series they have to name their team and often come up with quite entertaining names in an attempt to sound dynamic and business like for example ‘Instinct' was a recent team name.

Once teams are created they are then set tasks each episode in order to demonstrate their business skills. Someone from each team leads and at the end of the task they all visit Sir Alan's boardroom and he decides who is won. A member of the losing team is then fired by Sir Alan.

That describes the basic format of the show. What makes it work is the personalities of the competitors and their interaction. The fact they are extremely competitive and therefore prepared to be extremely ruthless in their attempts to win makes the show compulsive viewing as far as I am concerned. This really comes out in the final showdown in the boardroom with Sir Alan. Contenders who where previously very friendly all of a sudden become the worst enemies and will say absolutely anything to tear each other down and ensure they win.

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