The Amazing HTC Desire S Featuring The Functional Sense UI

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HTC have pushed themselves to the front of the smartphone market over the last couple of years thanks to a combination of great design, high specification features and superb functionality on their handsets. This last area has certainly been helped by the superb Sense user interface fitted on many models, including the new Desire S, the successor to the best selling Desire.

Otherwise known as the UI, the user interface is basically how the phones menu system appears to the user. This encompasses all elements including layout, colour and icon sizing. Coupled with this the UI also incorporates what the phone does when a button is pressed, thus really the whole user experience on the phone is governed by this system. Sense is HTC's own design that was developed especially for mobiles running on the Android and Windows operating system, and it brings numerous benefits to the consumer. HTC themselves describe some of the benefits as being so simple, it is surprising that nobody has thought of them before.

Social Networking lovers will love the HTC Desire S for the excellent Friendstream facility. Friendstream is perhaps the most well known area of the interface, and it relates to social networking account that you hold. With many people using Twitter, Facebook and more often than not both platforms, this aspect of the phone is an attempt to pool data from these services together and place them in one area. What this means to the consumer is that they are not required to log into Facebook for example to update their status, and then exit this application to access Twitter to post a tweet. Certainly this aggregated method works well, and is also a big selling point for the phone given the current popularity in such websites. The handset also synchronises your own phonebook with these accounts, meaning any relevant information such as e mail addresses and instant messaging user names are transferred to your own phone under the relevant persons name.

The Sense UI is just one of the many features that makes HTC Smartphones great, and combined with the other excellent features on the new Desire S handset, this looks set to prove a hugely popular model. The media features excel, including a high quality 5 mega pixel camera whilst the screen makes everything look superb thanks to its high resolution which totals 480 x 800 with 16 million colours.

The HTC Desire S and the LG Optimus Chic are available now.

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