The Alliance For Climate Protection

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The Alliance for Climate Protection is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about the climate crisis. The Alliance for Climate Protection's goal is two-fold. First, they wish to build non-partisan alliances with varied constituencies and individuals to form a coalition to combat the environmental crises. Additionally, they are working to persuade individuals and society to take measures based on scientific facts from research.

Former Vice President and presidential candidate Al Gore, who has been famously outspoken about the dangers of climate change, is the chairman of the board and brings over thirty years of experience to the table.

The Alliance for Climate Protection works within three arenas to focus and disseminate their message. They work with government offices, business communities, and society at large. The Alliance for Climate Protection is dedicated to non-partisan coverage of the issues in order to push through unnecessary political roadblocks and background noise, and instead focuses all of their attention on working together to make the world a better place.

The Alliance for Climate Protection spells out its main goals as follows:

1. Working toward bi-partisan political efforts to create new climate-friendly proposals to reduce CO2 and methane emissions and other greenhouse pollutants. This task is addressed within the Alliance through persuasive education techniques. The Alliance for Climate Protection works to generate wide-ranging support for climate-protection efforts in order that political entities will work sincerely to generate viable solutions.
2. Pushing for United States participation in the creation of a global treaty to reduce greenhouse emissions and pollution.
3. Persuading individuals at all levels to reduce their own carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions.

It is clear that The Alliance for Climate Protection's main weapon in the fight against climate crisis is collaboration. A grassroots dynamic is cultivated within the organization through their collaborative education and coalition-building efforts. The Alliance believes that working with a diversity of groups across political and social lines is the most effective means to meet shared environmental protection objectives.

The Alliance's "Repower America" campaign works to spread the word regarding America's "dangerous reliance" on carbon-based fuels and sets forth the challenge to end our "carbon addiction." Repower America informs us that this reliance on carbon-based fuels puts America at economic, environmental, and national security risk. They suggest that investments in clean, renewable energy sources can inject new life into the economy and produce savings for the average American, beyond simply reducing pollution. More information can be found at The "We can solve it" campaign and the "This is reality" campaign are two other projects meant to inform the public and generate support for climate protection.

Al Gore and his philanthropy, the Alliance for Climate Protection has entered into an integrated partnership with Dot Eco, to secure and promote the .eco top level domain. This new initiative backed by Dot Eco LLC, will donate over 50% of the domain registration proceeds back to fund scientific initiatives and research in climate change, ocean analysis, economic policy, and other environmentally-related areas. Dot Eco is a powerful and truly innovative initiative and with the support of The Alliance for Climate Protection can act as a strong force in the fight against global warming.

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